Profile of Plants Growing in our Aberdeen and Cheshire Gardens
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Heuchera Paris 20th June 2015

Looking for a Heuchera that has everything, you wont go far wrong with Paris

Heuchera Paris (6)

We always had difficulty with Heuchera in Aberdeen. Normally they would weaken in the second season and by the third, it wasn’t worth persevering. Read more…

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Border Auriculas 6th June 2015

Border Auricula also known as Primula  Auricula.

April and May! Showtime for the Border Auricula’s here in our Cheshire garden, they also performed pretty well in Aberdeen

Auricula Curry blend   Auricula Curry blend (3)

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Clematis Montana Grandiflora 20th May 2015

The pink forms of Clematis Montana are not at all bad, but for me, the white Clematis Montana Grandiflora is outstanding.

Clematis Montana Grandiflora (8)

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