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English Rose Darcey Bussell November 21

The English Rose Darcey Bussell bred by David Austin

Darcey Bussell

Profiling plants which we grow in our garden, results, that on occasions my posts may not reflect the current month. Read more…

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Miscanthus Sinensis Red Chief October 30

Miscanthus sinensis red chief,  relatively new introduction of an ornamental grass which I think will soon become very popular

Miscanthus sinensis red chief (3)

in our garden 

Most of us, when we first get into gardening, usually find its all about eye catching blooms. Read more…

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Ilex Aquifolium Silver van tol October 7

The Holly Ilex Aquifolium Silver Van Tol, well it was a toss up between JC Van Tol with the green leaves, or the variegated form Silver Van Tol, silver won the day.

Holly Silver Van Toll (2)

Performance in our garden

(Ilex Aquifolium Silver Van Tol)  All this faffing about with making sure the Holly which you plant will have berries gets on my nerves. Read more…

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