Tuesday February 28th

Written by  on February 28, 2006

Last day of February, today we were set to visit friends who required some help with their garden. However flurrys of snow yesterday have been replaced with a complete white out. Result everyones garden looks fantastic, covered in three inches of snow. Tonight we are set for sub zero temperatures. Don’t forget the garden birds in this terrible weather, fill up the feeders, and also make sure to fill the bird bath. We saw a strange thing the other day,a male siskin sitting on a tree branch with its head tucked in, suddenly fell to the ground. I took it into the house, no sign of any injury, it died about an hour later, very unusual thing to witness.All spring tasks are of course on hold at the moment.

Our Back Garden

Monday February 27th

Written by  on February 27, 2006

Got up today with good intentions, still roses to prune, greenhouse to prepare for the seed sowing and one or two other jobs that I was going to attend to.However five minutes outside and that was enough today, far too cold, flurry’s of heavy snow and a biting wind. So today too much time has been spent at the computer. Never mind I finally got verified with another option for sending emails, something that I have been messing about with for six weeks. Only problem is all the emails that I sent with this system have finally reached their recipients, and they are all getting back to me very puzzled with the out of date news. Oh well you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Hope the weather is better tomorrow.