Friday March 31st

Written by  on March 31, 2006

Hostas are essential plants because they thrive in shade, have wonderful shapely leaves and often gorgeous rich foliage colours, and combine extremely well with scores of different plants. They can be used as ground cover and as stunning specimens in ornamental pots. Hosta look great when planted with ferns,or grasses. Another good idea is to plant up early spring bulbs with Hostas, just as the leaves of the Hosta are opening your spring display will be over, and the unsightly leaves of your spring bulbs will be hidden. If their is a disadvantage with Hosta it has to be the fact that slugs love them. If you are tempted to use slug pellets,avoid using them in an on going manner, check out the ones that claim to be wildlife friendly.


Wednesday March 29th

Written by  on March 29, 2006

This morning we received the plug plants Begonia Semperflorens which have been eagerly awaited. I have before grown this variety from seed, but they can be slow to germinate, and at 9.99 for 120 plug plants you can’t go wrong. The quality of these plants,which could be described as a size up from seedlings is excellent. They were purchased from a mail order company of which I would highly recommend. These Semperflorens will create a major part of our front garden bedding scheme. All going well I will show you the results mid summer. This afternoon we visited four garden centres in search of two varietys of the evergreen plant Pittosporum. Only managed to get one of them today Pittosporum Variagatum, an excellent plant which I have sung the praises of before, I will come back to them again. Only two of the centres had this particular plant, who had the best specimens? B&Q. The other variety which we will pay Raemoir of Banchory a visit for is Pittosporum Tom Thumb, a red leaf evergreen plant which if we are unable to get, we will just have to rethink what else will look the part in this particular area of the front garden.

Pittosporum Tomb Thumb