Friday September 29th

Summer may now be over, although you would not think so with  the temperatures we have been getting. It is bound to get colder soon, but even so there are flowering plants out there for every month of the year.

One more late flowering plant which I just spotted starting to open up in our garden today is Schizostylis or Kafir Lily. There are a number of varieties of this plant some flowering from September others as late as November.

An exceptionally beautiful one is  Schizostylis coccinea ‘Mrs Hegarty’ named by Sir Frederick Moore, the Director of Glasnevin Botanic Garden, after the lady who discovered a chance pink seedling in her garden in County Galway in 1914. She was persuaded to show her plant at the RHS show in London in 1919. It was immediately successful and was given an Award of Merit.

Schizostylis coccinea ‘Mrs Hegarty’ has pale pink flowers and yellow anthers and is one of the earliest to flower.

Thursday September 28th

Now is a good time to decide on the new roses that you would like to see flowering in your garden next year. Order from the growers now and you will receive bare rooted plants in November. We are replacing a few roses that are starting to deteriorate, if you also are considering doing this, it is essential that you lift the old soil and replace with new topsoil.

Roses never grow well again in the same spot unless you do this. If you like the old fashioned look in roses, Jacques Cartier is one to seriously consider.

Allan Titchmarsh named this one as his favourite rose. There is a bit of  continuing confusion as to the actual identity of this rose, some saying that it may be identical to ‘Marchesa Boccella, Whatever the case may be, this is a fine pale pink Portland Perpetual.

It grows to around four feet tall .It is a shapely shrub that is well covered with extremely healthy, dark green foliage. Blooms are fully double, sometimes showing a button eye at the centre, also has a lovely fragrance.


Tuesday September 26th

Finished for the season, the town garden which we have been helping with.

Today we planted it up with spring flowering bulbs, wallflower, Forget me nots, Pansies, Violas and Polyanthus.
Looking forward to a good display come Spring.
I have now updated the website, and placed pictures of our garden front and back, taken this year.
I have also added pictures of Dawns town garden, check them out, for Dawns garden go to homepage, click on  our garden then other gardening pictures.
Myra and I are well pleased with our own garden which has been sensational this year. Most plants have grown better than I have seen before, probably due to the exceptional summer which we have had.


Monday September 25th

Good news for Aberdeen, not only are we the national winner of Britain in bloom. It was announced today that Aberdeen has won the prestigious award International Large Cities in bloom.

This is a Canadian organized event, our Councillors will be blowing their trumpets, declaring rightly so that there is more to Aberdeen than oil.

We were also informed that our front garden has been placed in the top three for our area in Aberdeen. The presentation is next month, we wont find out the final result until then. I will keep you updated.


Sunday September 24th

For an excellent, tall, blue flowering perennial you would be hard pushed to find better than Aconitum Bressingham Blue Spire, Fully hardy. The flowers are a rich deep blue, fully one metre tall with sturdy stems which ensures they do not flop over so easily as some of the tall Aconitums, also known as Monkshood

This plant flowers September/October in our garden, giving a beautiful show at the moment.
Something to bear in mind about this plant is they are extremely poisonous, all parts of the plant.  Of course it is always wise for us to educate the children that quite a number of the plants in our gardens are toxic, however none more so than this one.