Thursday December 28th

Written by  on December 28, 2006

Hope you all had a great Christmas, we certainly did, spent a few days with family in London.

We travelled by train as Myra does not enjoy flying, well not by aeroplane. Woke this morning to sub zero temperature, well pleased that I had the car in the garage.

Started off at eight thirty this morning to collect Purdee our cat who had been sent to her country retreat for the holidays. Driving was a little precarious on the icy roads, but fortunately majority were driving with care, overtaken by a couple of idiots, you know the type that has that driving ability that is superior to everyone else.

Hogmanay next, mind you that will be a quiet event in our household, very unlike the celebration we would have held many years ago. I don’t usually mind the winter, but after the very mild Autumn, and also November and early December being nothing like as cold as usual, this freezing weather is not all that welcome.

On the long train journey to London and back home again to Aberdeen, a bit of book reading was in order just to pass away some time. Something I do not do enough of, on this trip I read a novel by Jeffery Deaver called The Vanished Man, definitely worthy of recommendation. I will not go into detail, but it is about this great magician and escapologist who becomes disfigured result of a fire, and unable to perform on stage he turns to murder in a bid to get revenge.

This will be my last entry of 2006, I look forward to continuing again beginning of January. Next year I will not strive at an entry every single day, instead I will have a preference to continue at a level of three entries per week. Have a good New Year, I will talk to you soon, cant wait to get back into the garden again.







Tuesday December 19th

Written by  on December 19, 2006

Hard frost is holding in, the garden is now so thick with it, appearance is almost as if we had a moderate snowfall. Mind you a five minute walk from our sleepy hollow and I find the sun has melted the frost.

Only last week I mentioned how the Violas in the front garden were blooming as well as I have seen them even in Springtime, now they are curled up,  brittle and look as if they could not survive.

Surprisingly Violas and Pansies come through this and go on to flower very well, until replaced with the Summer bedding plants in late May early June.

When the temperature gets as low as this, it is unwise to walk on the lawn, I have ignored this advice in the past, usually to fill up the bird feeders. I have to say with regret, for when the frost lifts you are left very often with brown foot prints on the grass, full recovery of the lawn after Winter is tough enough without this additional damage.

The bird feeders are now placed where I can reach them easily from the garden path. Remember to clear ice from your bird baths when it gets this cold.

Last week I noticed the first of the Daffodils popping through the soil, time for them to slow down again, although no harm ever seems to come of them.

After the new year as soon as the temperature starts to rise a little whether it be even for a short time I will be out there getting some work done, not so fond of this idle lifestyle, well not for too long.