Bianco Patio Standard Rose

Last November I planted three standard patio roses (Bianco). These were carefully positioned in the border just to the right of the path in the back garden.

Fresh young leaves appeared in winter  and frost did not seem to set them back. In early May these three roses were smothered in buds, however by early June leaves were starting to curl buds were not opening those that did produced flowers of an unhealthy and damaged appearance.

The problem was the incredible infestation of greenfly which we had been trying to control with soapy water spraying, it did seem to help control the greenfly but I suspect even more damage was being caused by the treatment. Next Spring I will seek another method of pest control.

Well anyway back to Bianco, after the miserable display given in June/July healthy growth started again and they are now looking fantastic, smothered in pure white flowers of exceptional quality. The flowers have a pale yellow centre as they age. No scent with this one but still worthy of a place in any garden.