Garden for year round interest

Well finally we have the back garden set out in a way that should look good all year round.

We have been in our present home for twenty two years and although the garden has looked outstanding this was usually for only four months of the year. The biggest problem was the main herbaceous border, it was simply far too wide in comparison to the length of the lawn, and of course being packed with mainly perennial plants which die back in Autumn, well as you can imagine not a pretty sight.

All sorted now though, the lawn has been extended, the border removed of its former plants and now filled with, Grasses, Box topiary, evergreen and deciduous shrubs. Spring bulbs have been planted between the shrubs to give a little colour early in the year.

It will take a couple of years of maturity to bring out the best, nevertheless its looking pretty good, and should now do so all year long, hopefully.