Kalmia Latifolia

Kalmia Latifolia

Looking for an evergreen shrub fully hardy yet just that little bit more unusual,

Kalmia Latifoliathen check out Kalmia Latifolia.

A dense bushy shrub with oval lance-shaped glossy dark green leaves, new leaves are an interesting pink/bronze shade, flowers of pink/red and white in early Summer. Also known as the Calico bush or Mountain Laurel.

Several varieties available all of which are fully hardy. Tallest is Clementine Churchill at 10ft, with rich pink flowers,  Bullseye has red banded white flowers. The one chosen for our new border is Kalmia latifolia f. myrtifolia, the glossy leaves are two inches long, flowers in May/June are a pale pink.  With a height of four feet, I think we have found the ideal spot in our garden for this little beauty.

Kalmia requires an acidic soil and grow well in partial shade, in northern areas plant in a sunnier position where the soil is not too dry.

Hardiness – Fully Hardy

Position – Full sun/Partial shade. Plant in a moist humus rich acid soil. Mulch in Spring with leaf mould

Height – Tallest varieties 10ft, shorter ones 3/4 ft

Aberdeen Garden Competition

Aberdeen Garden Competition

Glorious day here in Aberdeen, September/October has given us more sunshine than we had in the Summer months of June/July and August.

Won best front garden 2007

Aberdeen Garden Competition front garden

The front garden is now fully planted up for Spring, the Begonias have dried out and Myra has wrapped them up in newspaper ready for going up into the loft. The back garden has now more or less been fully transformed into its new look to give year round interest.

More pictures of our gardens

Aberdeen Garden Competition

Aberdeen’s garden competition presentation was held in the Beach Ballroom last night, all the regulars were there, also good to see many newcomers. We are delighted at our winning first place in our area for the best front garden. I think next year we will enter the back garden just for a change. If you have time take a look at the new pictures of our garden, (link from the homepage of our website.)

The back garden

Aberdeen Garden Competition