Arum Lily Zantedeschia Aethiopica

Opened the blinds at 7am and was faced with the site of an enormous Heron eyeing up the

goldfish. A satisfying meal, for the dare I say elegant looking creature was never in question considering the pond is only about 8ft by 5ft and there are only five small fish in it, (well there was,) I will have to wait for the water to clear to see if they are still there.

Although my plant profile blog is to give information on fully hardy plants in the north east of Scotland there is a few which we grow perhaps borderline.

The Arum Lily comes in to this category. We overcame this problem by planting in a container, in Winter the protection of a cold greenhouse is sufficient.

This architectural plant likes moist boggy soil and is well suited for the damp marginal conditions of a garden pond. Here in Aberdeen keep your container grown specimen well watered, in fact there is no fear of over watering in a well drained container.

The leaves are an attractive long arrow shape, dark green and glossy. The main attraction is of course the pure white hood shaped flowers, which in fact are spathes. In the Aberdeen area place your container in a sheltered semi shaded position position.

After nurturing our plant and getting great results for the past six years, I have to confess, I left  it out doors this past Winter and only noticed in late January. I did place the plant in the greenhouse, however it was too late. A visit to the garden centre is on the cards.

Height – 90cm

Hardiness – Fully hardy/borderline

Position – semi shade, in humus rich moist soil

Flowering period – June/July

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