Profile of Plants Growing in our Aberdeen and Cheshire Gardens
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Geranium Max Frei 26th August 2008

One of the hardiest and most reliable of perennial plants is the Geranium, not to be mistaken with the frost tender Pelergonium.

One of the best known is (Max Frei), flowers are a rich magenta  forming a perfect round clump, described in most catalogues as being about eight inches tall, I find that in our garden the plant reaches a height of six inches.

Max Frei flowers from mid June until early august. It is not a geranium that is hard to find, in fact it could be described as one of the more common varieties, in spite of this if you have not grown it before, give it a try and I am sure like me you will be pleasantly surprised.


Hardiness – Fully hardy

Position – Full sun/Part shade

Height – 6/8″

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Rose Rhapsody in Blue 25th August 2008

Roses in our garden can be a hit or a miss, some get too leggy, others may be a bit disappointing in flowering while others can be truly sensational.

One of the best we have planted in recent years is the Floribunda rose of the year 2003 Rhapsody in Blue. This one seems to love our cooler climate here in the north east of Scotland. Absolutely smothered in clusters of scented flowers early till mid summer and buds starting to open again for an early Autumn show.

Colour is a very striking deep mauve fading to what is said to be the closest yet to blue. This very striking rose can look it’s best in the informality of the mixed border.

Hardiness – Fully hardy

Height – 3ft

Flowering period – June/October

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Clematis Nelly Moser 21st August 2008

I have a preference for Clematis which require hard pruning in late February, Nelly Moser which requires only light pruning in early Spring can not be ignored.

This Clematis which belongs to the Languinosa group is probably the best known of all. The soft pink flowers have a darker bar down each petal, flowering in early Summer and again in early Autumn. Definitely worthy of  a special position in partial shade.

My reason for having a preference for the varieties which require hard pruning is simply because, mostly all our Clematis are trained up trellis, arches and fencing. With the need to give these wooden structures a coat of preservative every two or three years this would not be possible otherwise.

Do bear in mind Nelly Moser is best trained against a wall for this very reason.

Hardiness – Fully hardy

Position – Partial shade

Height – 300cm/12ft

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