Thalictrum Aquilegiifolium Album

Thalictrum Aquilegiifolium Album is particularly robust

This plant is an erect clump forming perennial with blue/green pinnate leaves which are more or less identical in form to those of the Aquilegia. Clusters of gorgeous fluffy white flowers are produced in early Summer, falling to reveal equally attractive purplish seed heads from July till September.

Thalictrum Aquilegiifolium is particularly robust and three or four years after planting can safely be divided in Spring.   I have found that some of those with purple flowers, although hardy don’t bulk up like this one. Particularly Hewitts Double, which is probably the most beautiful of the Thalictrums, extremely fine fern like leaves with the daintiest of purple flowers on fine stems making them look like they were suspended in mid air. In our garden unfortunately Hewitts Double weakens even in the second year after planting.

Dot, Album around the border for a great effect. Thrives best of all in a semi shaded position where the soil does not dry out.

Picture above shows this plant still looking good after flowering has gone over.   Of all the taller Perennials which we have had in the garden I think the only one to match it for garden worthiness would be Filipendula Rubra Venusta. Well that’s what I am thinking at this moment, I know what I am like, you could very well hear something different from me next week.

Performance in Aberdeen – Outstanding

Position – Partial shade

Hardiness – Fully Hardy

Soil – Moist Humus rich

Height – 90/110 cm – 3/3.5 ft


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4 thoughts on “Thalictrum Aquilegiifolium Album

  1. I discovered Thalictrums last year when I grew quite a few from seed from the HPS and CGS seed distribution schemes. They are so pretty and hopefully next year they will bulk up more.
    I have been watching the birds in my garden today and every so often they all disappear in a flurry and I know there is a buzzard overhead

  2. Hi Alistair… do you do Thalictrum rochebrunianum, the lavender mist thalictrum? I’d have to say that it is my favorite, especially when it grows to seven feet tall… I’ve only gotten it to between five and six feet here in my gardens, but the color is wonderful and it makes a good subject for photography… Larry

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