Iris Reticulata Harmony

Iris Reticulata Harmony

Bulbous Iris Reticulata. Although in most documentation regarded to as Spring flowering, I have found that even here in Aberdeen Reticulata Harmony will start flowering freely from February in some years. Read more “Iris Reticulata Harmony”


Is it a blog

Web writing, Online journal, yes it would be difficult to find a name for what we do. However, who the heck came up with blog, blogger, blogging. Well maybe its me but I think it is a hellish title, even the word speller hasn’t come to terms with it after what is it, seven, eight years.  Sounds more like an activity that a group of ne’er- do- wells may get up to. However I have to say I am not half enjoying this blogging! thing.

It started off when I turned sixty. I decided that I would like to keep a record of every plant which we have in our garden and those which we have grown in the past. This was really for my own satisfaction and hopefully, to perhaps be of some benefit to other novice gardeners who were just starting off. Also we had been entering the Aberdeen in bloom gardening competition for a number of years and I took it into my head to show the garden on line where local people who were interested could have a look. So in a lot of respects it is more of an index, however in more recent times I have shared a bit of my gardening experiences on my posts which is enjoyable if not a little self indulgent.


I have generally always shown pictures of my garden at its best.  Well like most, our garden also gets messy in Winter. Edith, b-a-g, take a look at the state of our lawn, I can hardly bear to look myself.

Snow mould a fungal disease  


Blogging Style

Writing a post other than a plant profile, well lets say, it doesn’t exactly come naturally to me. For one thing it can take me a helluva time. The words are generally all there, finding them in my head when required is another thing. I usually have a number of drafts prepared, when I decide to use one I go over it and over it and often think,  that’s a right load of crap and start all over again.

Many of you guys out there write with such style that I would not even try to emulate. The word speller fairly helps me out at times except for the occasions when a word has two spellings and meanings. For instance when writing about the Yew hedge in our garden I referred to it as the Ewe—baaa. As you can see, I can be very self deprecating.

The pictures above are of two borders which are in the back garden looking like they desperately require a makeover. The chances of me showing anything quite as nasty again are highly unlikely.


Comments and Visitors

After a week, month or year when you have fully accepted that your blog is for your own satisfaction, you get a comment. Well the euphoria, come on admit it,  the person who has bestowed you with such an honour has he,she also got a blog, yes!! Right its your turn, what’s the etiquette, yes I should return this compliment, did I do it right, did I make a twat of myself , well no worry there I am still doing that.  I have to say, I still thoroughly enjoy receiving comments and equally handing them out. I don’t expect every comment which I receive to be complimentary, the ones I hand out on occasions make me cringe after the event. Don’t get me wrong, I would not even dream of saying anything nasty or uncomplimentary, however at times I think I may be over the top a little. My average comment is appreciative and generally I would say pleasant in its manner, at other times when I am on a high I can get carried away and treat you as if I have known you all my life and possibly say some outrageously amusing things which some may see as, not quite appropriate. I can assure you it is all in complete innocence.

What about replying to comments, there seems to be some mixed feelings about this. Certainly at the moment I reply to every one of them, as I saw it suggested that it was rude not to. I cant really make up my mind where I stand on this one, for one thing the commenter does not receive notification that a reply has been left. This of course means that you have to make a point of going back to the site to check, do you really want to take up time by doing this, I mean its all-right for me ,I have all the time in the world now that I am retired.

Actually, I have just received this information from (Link)–Janet at Plantaliscious. A wordpress plugin (replyme) resolves this problem. I have now activated it on my site. Now, I think it is fantastic, the comment which you made, perhaps you really were hoping for a reply, well with replyme you will be sent an email with the reply attached. If you think that there is anything negative about this, I really would like to hear from you.

Some of the blogs which I read don’t let me know the name gender or even the general area of a country where the writer comes from. In my opinion it really does take away that personal touch when communicating. I do of course realise how concerned people are about security, however lets say at the top right hand of your page, you could have what may be your blogging name and not actually your real name.  At least it would feel like talking to a real person, and I really don’t see a problem in saying which country, city, state or region in which a person may live.

Sorry, couldn’t help it, a friends garden this time though.

Garden Fashion

If there’s one thing that gets my goat, its, what’s in and what’s out in gardening. Now honestly I don’t want to alienate myself, of course everyone’s entitled to an opinion but don’t you sometimes think there is a bit of inverted snobbery going on. I have always loved gardens and gardening, I like the subtle garden with foliage of different hues and perhaps white flowers giving that relaxed feeling. I am mad about the Summer mixed perennial borders which give that great to be alive feeling. The Rose borders are charming, the Scottish Heather borders can look great. Here’s the crunch, I absolutely also love the in your face loud, brash, garish front gardens which are packed with blindingly bright Summer bedding, makes me smile, makes me laugh. Picture of our front garden, I promise it was once more packed when the flower borders were wider than this. Whats not to like.

I remember a number of years ago, it was decided for us by the powers that be that Dahlias were out of fashion, pom poms, decorative, cactus, possibly too common, anyone who was anyone wouldn’t be seen dead with them in the garden, what’s not to like. Read more “Garden Fashion”