Profile of Plants Growing in our Aberdeen and Cheshire Gardens
Simply a way to share my lifelong gardening experience with you

Scottish Bluebell 31st March 2012

Its time I tried the Scottish Bluebell in the garden, Bluebell  (Campanula rotundifolia) (Harebell)

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Ribes Sanguineum White Icicle 24th March 2012

Ribes white icicle a welcome sight in the early Spring garden

Ribes, the common flowering currant is welcome to the positions which they enjoy in our woodland area. Read more…

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Sarcococca Hookeriana Var. Humilis 17th March 2012

Sarcococca Humilis (Sweet Box) flowering in our Aberdeen garden in February.

(Sarcococca Hookeriana Var. Humilis) is well worthy of consideration for your garden. Well it doesn’t exactly jump out at you but hey any plant which flowers in the month of February has to be a gardeners friend. Read more…

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