Dahlia Renato Tosia

Dahlia Renato Tosia

Orange flowers were not always so very popular. Seems we cant get enough of them these days, what about this one (Dahlia Renato Tosia)


Performance in our garden

In the past I have always purchased tubers when I wanted these decorative Dahlias in the garden.

We were keen to try an orange Dahlia this year.  An online search came up with (Dahlia Renato Tosia)

They were advertised as garden ready plants, which I knew would be cuttings brought on and delivered in the first week of June and ready to be planted out.


Well, I didnt think they were quite ready for the border so I potted them up left them in a sunny position for ten days and then planted them in the main border of the front garden.

I was rather pleased at how the front garden was looking in early Summer. As late July and early August arrived I was totally blown away with the effect which this Dahlia had upon it.

Constant dead heading and liquid feed has kept Dahlia Renato Tosia looking good, even now as we approach late September,

I have always thought that the best results from Dahlias would be from tubers, after giving these rooted cuttings a go, I am not so sure.


Plant details

Dahlia Renato Tosia is a decorative Dahlia of medium height. The blooms are an  exquisite shade of orange, I suspect it would fair well on the show bench.

Position *** Will tolerate partial shade and totally thrive in full sun.

Height *** 120cm/4ft

Plant care *** Mix some good quality garden compost with the soil when planting. Two weeks later start liquid feeding at weekly intervals. Dead head frequently to prolng flowering period.

I would have been happy to leave these Dahlias in position so that the new owners could enjoy them next year as much as we have. However here in Cheshire the wet Winter would surely turn the tubers which have likely developed to mush.

Mail order


Just received a surprise letter in the post. Our front garden has been awarded best in the village. Now, isn’t that a high to be leaving on.


Myra’s conservatory plants_

Adding a conservatory gave Myra  more room for her house plants. These Streptocarpus which she had not grown before have really taken her fancy.  Supplied as plug plants in mid June, very surprisingly they were in full bloom at the beginning of August.

All our furniture and stuff will be going into storage for a six week period until our new house is completed. I cant see Myra’s plants surviving in the gloom for that long.

Mail oeder


Streptocarpus Alana








Polka dot red


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13 thoughts on “Dahlia Renato Tosia

  1. Oh, Alistair, say Myra that Freya is stunning! I’d love to grow this one as well, ah…
    Your dahlias are very pretty, sure the new owners will be glad to have such wonderful gift from you.
    Happy weekend!

  2. I’m not surprised your garden won best in the village! Those Dahlias are so pretty and cheerful. I love orange in the garden, though my orange flowers are usually relegated to the back yard since the front yard has a pastel theme. Those Streptocarpus are beautiful! I’ve never seen them before, but I don’t grow many houseplants unfortunately as much cat eats them. That is one gorgeous collection of them!

  3. Hello Alistair, our Dahlias are out of control! We deadhead with buckets and we just can’t keep up. There’s almost an air of desperation as the days get cooler and shorter so the Dahlias flower more and more. Will you be digging your tubers up for the winter or leaving them in the soil?

  4. Alistair, everything is gorgeous! The Dahlias are of the most beautiful I have ever seen! Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog post today. I vaguely remember I Married Joan. So I went to YouTube and, sure enough, they have some episodes of this classic, and I am delighted! I am going to watch some because this show aired before I was born (I was born in 1956). I am sure that my parents watched it. So thank you so much for reminding me about it, I will be watching this show on YouTube. 🙂

  5. I love that orange dahlia. What a beauty. Congrats on winning the best garden in the village. Much deserved. You are moving again? New garden to follow I guess.

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