Roses in Aberdeen

Roses in Aberdeen

Well, also a few from our Cheshire and Fife gardens. Some of these Roses are included with a plant profile in my A to z of our plants.

I started my blog back in 2006, these profiles were experimental, in fact, for over a year I entered the current date where the post title should be.

I posted every day for about a two year period. When it was brought to my attention how wrong I was approaching this I ended up deleting hundreds of these post and started over again in 2010 with an updated WordPress blog.

I kept some of these old posts in the archives as a reminder, some of the posts from 2010 actually were first published in 2006 and I will get around to updating those which require it at some time.

Buxom Beauty HT Rose

Buxom Beauty

Kicking off with Buxom Beauty (above) in Aberdeen’s front garden. This is an HT Rose with massive blooms and a fruity fragrance. Nice enough Rose, tends to be top heavy as the flowers can have up to four dozen petals. 

The charming Blush Noisette climbing Rose

Blush Noisette

This short climbing rose said to grow to around seven feet although it reached about nine feet in our Aberdeen garden.

The stems are almost thorn less and the small semi double flowers are a pale lilac pink with a gentle fragrance and repeat flowering.

This delightful Rose is one of Myra’s favourites and has found a place in our new Fife garden.

Interesting history of the American/French bred Noisettes

Climbing Rose Compassion

Climbing Rose Compassion

Described as one of the best modern climbers with HT blooms. Salmon pink flowers tinted pale orange, highly scented, repeat bloomer, whats not to like.

Grows to about 3mtrs/16ft

RHS Award of garden merit

Parkdirektor Riggers

Parkdirektor Riggers

Single flowers of Parkdirektor Riggers can make a welcome change from the more blousy blooms. Once again this one was growing well in Aberdeen,

Height 10/11ft, repeat flowering with no fragrance.

Darcey Bussell

Darcey Bussell

Growing very well in our Cheshire garden. This compact David Austin Rose I would recommend.

Good continuous flowering, fragrant and has the RHS award of garden merit.

Many years ago on the Beechgrove garden television programme, Jim McColl  commented that the David Austin English Roses did not perform well in Aberdeen. I never forgot this as we were not having much success with them, have you disproved this?

Flower carpet roe amber

Flower carpet Rose amber

Masses of blooms from June till late September  plant profile

Flower carpet rose white

Flower carpet Rose white

Plant profile

Ghislaine de Feligonde

Ghislaine de Feligonde

This rambling Rose is a cracker, grew beautifully in our Cheshire garden. The flowers vary in colour from apricot/peach/white, masses of these multi coloured fragrant blooms adorn the branches from June with good repeating till October.

Grows to about 12 ft   RHS award of garden merit.

Ghislaine de Feligonde is another favourite of Myras and has found a place in our Fife garden.


Beautiful HT Rose Laura Anne

HT Rose Laura Anne

Planted in our Aberdeen front garden many years ago this HT Rose was my favourite.  One of my early plant profiles.

An Aberdeen Rose, grown by Cockers which was surprisingly withdrawn.

Dublin bay

Dublin Bay

A short climber reaching 8ft. Grew well in our Cheshire garden. Very early flowering, scented and gives a good show.

Rosa Mundi growing in Aberdeen

Rosa Mundi

Rosa Mundi is a Gallica Rose,very popular and very old, some say dating back as early as the 12th century.

Growing in our Aberdeen garden, this one just had to be included here in Fife. Starting to seem like we stick to what we know.

Rose Sweet Haze growing in our Leggart garden

Rosa Sweet Haze 

Winner of Rose of the year 2008. The simplicity of Roses with single flowering blooms have captured the hearts of many gardeners and Rose enthusiasts.

Sweet haze with masses of blooms over a long flowering period made quite an impact in the main border of our back garden in Aberdeen.

Fragrant lilac pink blooms

glossy green foliage

good disease resistance

height 70cm

Adam Messeritch

Adam Messerich

A Bourbon shrub Rose bred in Germany in 1920. The double blooms open a deep pink and fade to a paler shade. plant profile

Angele Pernet

This fragrant repeat flowering HT Rose has to be the most amazing shade of orange I have ever seen.

It is certainly not freely available. There is suggestion that it prefers a warmer climate. I planted this one in Aberdeen in the Spring of 2013. Well, we moved to Cheshire in December of 2013 so I am unable to tell if it survived.

This is the only source of availability in the UK


Rose de rescht

Rose de rescht

 Portland Damask (Rose De Rescht), one of the best performing Roses in our Aberdeen garden.

This extremely fragrant Rose repeats well.  plant profile



The Hybrid Musk Rose Felicia, more than deserving of the two pictures. Growing in our woodland area in Aberdeen the arching stems packed with blooms fills the air with a heady fragrance.

plant profile

Remember me

Remember me

Bred in 1984 by Cockers of Aberdeen This was the first Rose planted in our Leggart Avenue, Aberdeen back garden when we moved in – in 1985. 

Remember me, means a great deal to us and this is also the only picture I have, taken pre digital. plant profile

Rose rhapsody in blue

This shrub Rose was one of the very few which we had planted in tubs. It performed remarkably well.

Rhapsody in blue was hailed as being the closest to blue available. plant profile



 Growing in our Cheshire garden This David Austin shrub Rose has exceptionally beautiful blooms.

It repeats well, however support was absolutely essential.

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8 thoughts on “Roses in Aberdeen

  1. Hello Alistair, I’m afraid HT roses aren’t my thing at all, I prefer the older and English roses, of which you have several and they look stunning. Some of the roses look amazing and I wish there was smell-o-vision as several you have are highly fragrant and I’d love to smell them.

  2. Gorgeous collection of your roses Alistair! I loved Buxom Beauty, it’s a really beauty. The rose Parkdirektor Riggersis pretty I had it in my garden as well. But it wasn’t too hardy to our wet and icy winter that killed it. I also like your Rhapsody in blue rose, it’s very unusual and pretty.

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