Clematis Durandii

Clematis Durandii

The Clematis Durandii differs from most of the other forms

Growing Clematis Durandii in Aberdeen

This one isn’t so very happy climbing, in fact, plant it in the garden border and prepare to be amazed.

Durandii grew in our Aberdeen garden for many years. Positioned in the border and seen from the kitchen window.

Growing Clematis Durandii in Aberdeen

I guess most gardeners would plant Durandii in a border with perennial plants. For whatever reason, this Clematis ended up sharing a bed filled with Heathers and other evergreens in our garden.

Growing Clematis Durandii in Aberdeen

Well, it was no disappointment. Left to its own devices Durandii with the very unusual shade of deep blue flowers made quite an impact from June till September.

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Cultivated in the mid 19th century, crossed with c. Integrifollia and Jackmanii.

Although Durandii can grow to a height of 8ft it is non-clinging and therefore not really suited to training up the garden trellis or wall.

This scrambling Clematis received the RHS award of garden merit.

• Position – Full sun or partial shade

• Spread – 6/8ft/180/240cm

• Hardiness – fully hardy

• Blooms – The flowers are an intense shade of blue and anthers are creamy white.

• Pruning – prune hard back late February/early March (a little later would be acceptable)

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Growing Clematis Durandii in Aberdeen


Motorcycle buddies

When we were very young my brother and I had motorbikes. Whilst I grew out of this, my big brother at 76 years of age (that’s him on the r/h side of the picture) is still a complete enthusiast.

Off they go, my brother Alex and his friend Stuart.  Not for any mundane purpose, but to join their friends at the shooting club where both of them received first place awards in the events which they entered.

Ah well, where have I put my slippers?

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13 thoughts on “Clematis Durandii

  1. Alistair, your flowers are absolutely gorgeous, and I also enjoyed seeing Alex and Stuart, and the lovely houses behind them, too! Your posts always bring me much joy, and your photos are always stunning. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Hello Alistair, that Clematis is an unusual shade of blue/purple. I’ve found the Clematis in our garden prefer to climb up shrubs and trees instead of arches and trellis, I’m not sure why. I’ve not bought clematis in a while, I think I can feel a shopping trip coming on with this one in mind – that’s if they’re still on for sale at this time of year.

  3. Hi dear Alastair, spectactular blue flowers on the clematis, it’s so important to find a place where they can do what want, either grow up, climb or scramble. If I were a plant, I think I’d like to scramble. Your brother is cool but slippers are important too!

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