Magnolia Stellata

Magnolia Stellata

I have patiently waited almost a half century to see a Magnolia blooming in our garden.

Magnolia Stellata

In our garden

In March of 1969, we were given the keys to a council house in Aberdeen. (a time when local authority housing was not frowned upon) I mention this because it is indeed almost fifty years ago. I did plant a Magnolia in those early days (without success)

Magnolia Stellata

Well anyway we lived in Aberdeen for another 44 years, (not in the same house) I planted many a Magnolia and they all failed. I can’t really blame the cold Winters as Magnolia thrives in countries where it gets a lot colder than that of Aberdeen.

We lived on the outskirts of Aberdeen, the only area I ever saw a Magnolia Stellata growing well, was close to the town centre.

I never got around to planting one when we were in Cheshire. Here in Fife, at last, a Magnolia blooming.

I planted it in our front garden in March of 2017. This year I watched the buds develop in late Winter, and when I saw them develop that velvety coat I felt reasonably confident. Mid-April the first blooms opened, reaching it’s very best in late April, early May. Perhaps Stellata isn’t the most stunning of Magnolias but for me, this is one of my favourite gardening moments of all time.

Magnolia Stellata

Plant details

Magnolia Stellata is a deciduous Spring blooming shrub with white flowers. Forms of Stellata with pink flowers are available (Magnolia Stellata Jane Platt)

Stellata with its pure white star-shaped flowers, open in April before the leaves start to show.

The mid-green leaves are lance-shaped and in late Winter the flower buds start to develop.

Stellata is fully hardy in the UK and can apparently put up with temperatures as low as -20c, avoid a windy situation.

Stellata is slow growing and ideal for the small garden.

• Position – full sun/part shade

• Soil – neutral to acid

• Pruning – little pruning is required other than removing dead or crossed over branches. (prune mid Summer)

• Flowers – white star-shaped lightly scented blooms in Spring.

• Hardiness – fully hardy

• Height – slow growing, reaching a height of about 180cm/6ft

• Common name – star magnolia

Magnolia Stellata

mail order

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I am forever messing about with my website, I guess I have an obsession with its appearance.  The grammar may not be quite up there with the best, however In spite of this, I have declined numerous requests from those wishing to add guest posts to my blog.

My latest project has been to make my page (Our plants A to Z) more user-friendly. One of the things I wanted to do was add an alphabet at the top of the page which would give a fast link to the plants under a specific letter.

I struggled with this for weeks, just couldn’t get my head around it.  Finally, I decided to ask for support from WordPress.

Well, the first guy did his best to explain the procedure, the thing is he didn’t realise that he was dealing with someone of a certain age and ability. I gave up on him before he lost his rag with me. I decided I would just do without this alphabet thing. Hating to be defeated I decided to have another go with WordPress support. This time I got a guy who didn’t reply in shorthand or text talk. I mean, I was born at a time when gay meant, happy and carefree and telling someone to shut up meant nothing else.

In spite of the more engaging manner of the technician, I still struggled. Then during the night, something clicked in my head lo and behold it is now working as I had hoped for.

Take a look, the page holds so much information I fear it may be slow in opening fully.  If this is the case I would really appreciate if you would let me know. (don’t click on the alphabet immediately on opening)

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19 thoughts on “Magnolia Stellata

  1. What the magnolia blooming! Alistair, you have waited this blooming half a century, haven’t you? What can I do? if my magnolia is 5 years in my garden without blooming. So I need more 45 years :-), If it does not this spring I’ll replant it on other spot.
    Yours is stunning!
    Your page is opened well, is right and seen correctly. I think all is OK.

  2. Welcome to the world of magnolias my friend!!! I just did a post on my blog about some of the bloom on the mags here….short season compared to some years, but never the less beautiful!!! Larry

  3. It is amazing that they are so challenging in Scotland. Here in Ontario, where winter temperatures plummet to well below freezing for weeks on end, many magnolias do just perfectly. Perhaps the perfect dormancy of a truly frigid winter is better than the oscillating mild/cold cycles of the north east?

  4. I’m glad you finally got a magnolia stellata to flower. I planted one years and years ago on the side of the house and it has always performed. Beautiful, elegant flower. The plant page is brilliant. I have a page that is a pale imitation. I should work at it, like you. It is very challenging to keep up with technology – even lagging not too far behind is stressful and challenging!

  5. Hello Alistair, we’re spoiled for magnolias around here and have one currently establishing in our own garden. You have a very pretty white stellata and given the difficulty you’ve had in the past, I’m rooting for this one to thrive and grow.

  6. It may be the type of stellata you have that stays small and has trouble blooming. The hybrid ‘Doctor Merrill’ is a regular bloomer here outside Washington DC. And in 25 years it’s over 25 feet (8 meters) tall.

    1. Hi Ray, when I have talked about having problems with Magnolia in Aberdeen in the past. I have had several people from the USA puzzled, I still think it has a connection with the cool Summer temperatures which we have.

  7. Hello there Alistair !
    Congratulations on your birth of blooms for the magnolia .. I can well understand your excitement.
    Who knows what combinations of elements are just the right ones for each plant .. so much is pure luck.
    Sadly I think I have lost many of my Japanese maples due to this past harsh winter .. I have some one coming by to tell me the honest truth so I can deal with the loses and move on .. I have been so attached to each and everyone of them .. they were individual treasures I found over a span of many years .. so it is a hard pill to swallow .. but we gardeners are made of sterner stuff right ?
    You made me laugh with your tech troubles .. I understand that as well .. some times it is also pure dumb luck when we clue in .. congratulations on that as well ! LOL

  8. What a gorgeous magnolia plant, well worth the wait I imagine! And thanks for the handy guide for growing magnolia, it’s useful to know details such as when it is best to prune a magnolia. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Congratulations on your blooming magnolia! You certainly waited long enough for it! There are things I would like to do with my web site but lack the know-how. Also, congratulations on conquering that hurtle!

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