Geum Fire Storm

Its bright, it’s garish, it’s in your face, its Geum Fire Storm.

Performance in our garden

There was a time when subtlety was the order of the day. If that’s your style then the Geum Fire Storm will not be to your taste.

I love it in our Fife garden, mind you we may well have gone a step too far planting it alongside pink Astrantias, pink Geraniums and Persicaria.

However, it started blooming in early May and soon became smothered in bright orange flowers.

Last year the flowers died back in the last week of June, just as they have done this year. The only difference, last year the less mature plants had much fewer blooms.

I have just cut the fading stems back and if its anything like last season new buds will soon appear and continue to flower through till early August.

For now, the garden does have a more relaxed and pleasing appearance. That’s not to say Geum Fire Storm is going anywhere, its here to stay, we love it, well they may be repositioned.

Plant profile

Geum Fire Storm is regarded as being an improvement on Geum Fireball being more compact, less straggly and lots more flower power. (our plants grew a bit taller than suggested requiring a little support)

The semi-double flowers first opening in May are prolific and a bright orange colour fading as they age. The leaves of this perennial are evergreen.

• Hardiness – fully hardy throughout the UK

• Height – 45/60cm

• Soil – Any reasonable garden soil, neutral/acid

• Position – full sun/part shade

• Propagation – divide in early Spring after two/three years

This is the most amazing Summer which I can recall. The garden is for relaxing. Nothing I enjoy better than reading a book outdoors. Well being partially sighted I depend on my Kindle device these days. I started off with the basic Kindle reader.

In spite of being able to increase the text size, I still struggled with it. I decided to give the Kindle Paperwhite a go, being backlit what a difference. This has become my favourite possession, well, maybe second to my secateurs.  


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14 thoughts on “Geum Fire Storm

  1. Alistair, I know this plant, I have grown it in my garden. But yours is prettier than mine. I think I have had native specie and your is hybrid one with double petals.
    Thanks for sharing information, happy week!

  2. Hello Alistair
    This is a very pretty geum and your pictures are very nice indeed ! I used to have geum in my garden a few years ago .. I am not sure what happened to them but now I have to reconsider since these are so nice looking. You made me start a plant list for next year already ? LOL

  3. Hello Alistair, those bright in-you-face orange Geums are amazing and just the thing I need to inject some colour into the more pastel parts of the garden. I’m hoping they’re available as seed as I can imagine repeated clumps of these in a border. They’d look great paired with a contrasting colour or something with dark or coppery foliage behind.

  4. Thank you for making me laugh today with your comments on my blog : ) .. and I too am running out of room even though I want more plants .. there should be a logical solution other than actually not getting more plants ? but that is just not possible .. must put thinking cap on !

  5. Gorgeous plant! I am not always opposed to pink and orange planted together. Add bright blue and/or turquoise pots and the result can be spectacular and very appropriate to a semi-tropical climate like mine.

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