Profile of Plants Growing in our Aberdeen and Cheshire Gardens
Simply a way to share my lifelong gardening experience with you

My interest in gardens and gardening began as a child. My brother and  I visited and stayed over at our grandparents house regularly.

Here we are starting out on life’s journey, I think in 1953. I am the little one.

We! lived on the top floor of a tenement block, making the visits to grandmas house all the more special.

They had a large garden which was beautifully maintained, the days spent there were the best of my childhood.

In February of 1952  our father died at the age of thirty three, everything would now be very different. My poor mother did everything in her power to do what was best for her three children, myself at six years of age, my brother ten and my two year old sister who had been the apple of her fathers eye.


My Dad Alexander Cruickshank, 1941, served on the light cruiser HMS Aurora.  My Mum Georgina pictured 1937



Myras Mum and Dad at a wedding probably in the late 1940s and a picture of Myras Mum in 1936


(1963) Myself in the middle with my brother Alex on my right and Ricky Simpson on my left



Myra in January of 1967 with her family dog Laddie and in December of the same year with our first daughter


Here I am in the Summer of 1965 the year before we were married


Giving my daughter a bath in Christmas of 1967


Moving on a little more than a decade, in nineteen sixty nine Myra and I who incidentally married very young got our first house with a garden. It was a council house with a small garden, moving in with our two children who were still babies was like being given a mansion.


Myra with the girls when we were on holiday in 1979


In 1985 we moved to our present house near the river Dee. Now we have a large garden which has given us a great deal of pleasure.We first were persuaded in the summer of 1991 to enter our front garden into the “Aberdeen in Bloom” competition (Aberdeen south.) We were more than delighted to get placed third. Although we had been gardening for a number of years this was the point when it was to become a little more than just a hobby.

In 1992 we won “Best Front Garden” in our area. From that time up until 2005 we have had another ten firsts. One of which was “Best Front Garden” Overall Winner, and one year we received “Best Overall” for our back garden of which we were particularly proud.

(edit=  18th March 2009)  2006 overall winner front garden. 2007 best front garden for area. 2008 overall winner for back garden.

*** update on February 14th 2015 *** On December of 2013 we uprooted and moved to a village in Cheshire to be near family. I dont think we will fully get over leaving our Aberdeen home.  My more recent posts are about the goings on in Cheshire.


Two weddings for us in 1966


Our garden has also been featured in the weekly magazine ‘Garden News’ and appeared on the television programme ‘Beechgrove Garden’.

Now when our grandsons visit I find myself wondering, when you are both grown up will you reflect on the times spent at grandma and grandads.

 My mother and father married in 1940. Soon he would be in the war serving on the light cruiser HMS Aurora.