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  2. Hi I have a 26. Foot by 3ft north facing border in Shetland I would like to reorganise the whole bit what plants would you advise

    1. Hi Winnie
      I could rattle off names of shrubs and perennials which have a preference or can at least tolerate North facing positions. However, Shetland that is outside of my experience. best talk to the locals.

  3. I found your site when looking for advice on abutilons, and a really good site it is too. We have a tall red abutilon that may not survive the winter even although we have put it into our unheated greenhouse. I am going to try cuttings even although it is now late autumn.
    I read your comments about your abutilon dying back after a hard winter, this has happened to me too despite our Gulf Stream climate. A visitor told me this year that abutilons need to be very well staked as wind is often behind their downfall and that 3 stakes would not be excessive.


  4. Hello!

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  5. Hi,
    I live in Fife (central) and have purchased some clematis plants recently. I think they were just slowly dying in B&Q (clearance) and I decided to give them a new chance to survive. They are in a fairly good state , given that it is nearly December soon. I do not know if I can plant them into big pots now and leave them outside. Is it not too late? Shall I water them over the winter period?
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Stan, you can plant them at any time of the year as long as the earth is not frozen. Would really be better if you could plant them in the border. However planting in tubs should be fine. When you plant them make sure you bury it about three inches deeper than the current level which it currently is. Clematis prefer being planted deep. Water them in lightly after planting, take care not to over water throughout the Winter.

      1. Thank you, Alistair, for your quick reply. I have got quite large terracotta planters for them, decent compost (I hope). Frosts here in Scotland are not bad when compared to some days of frost in Poland (the country I am originally from). However, the global warming has made winters very mild in Poland too, with few days of real frost. Once again thank you, Alistair.
        Kind regards, Stan

  6. I found your site when researching Golden King holly, great information! Some labels on this plant say it’s self fertilising, so do I definitely need a male to get berries? And how near does it have to be – I think they have one a couple of gardens over. Also, how quickly do they grow?
    Thanks, Sue

    1. Hi Sue, many self-fertile plants are true to their word. Golden King fairs better with a male plant, like silver Queen. Best planted within your own garden area, doesn’t have to be right beside it.

  7. What a beautiful website about gardening. I live in Aberdeen and will be starting to plant this year as we have space for plants and flowers. I find loads of useful information that can help me here. I bought seeds of lavender , cosmos, nicotina, snap dragon, mask flower, sweat peas , lupin,lobelia,calendula, cerinthe, euphoria oblongata,Scabiosa, Zinnia’s. Im still wanting to add Ammi majus, sunflower, larkspur ,Eschscholzia ‘Ivory Castle’,Gypsophila ‘Covent Garden’. Looks like im too ambitious for a starting. Whats your suggestion?


    1. Wow, you are enthusiastic, reminds me of how I was when I first started gardening many years ago. I can only say, carry on as you are doing and you will learn from your mistakes.

          1. I have put them in fridge for cold stratifying. Will take them out end of this month and leave it in window sill for them to germinate. Im so anxious but counting on endless videos and blogs I watched to reap some success. Fingers crossed. Im still contemplating to buy few more seeds. I have vegetables to grow as well. So I will super busy in my garden along with two little daughters. Bring on summer.. My daffis and Tulips are showing their heads. I have never grown them in my life. Super excited.

          2. Wow, you seem so organised, we also have two daughters. If any of my blog posts give a little inspiration please get in touch directly from the post. Alistair

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