Forget about Autumn Lets have an Indian Summer

Surprisingly, even way up north in Aberdeen the garden still holds on to a Summer look at the very end of September, and with an improvement in the weather, lets hope for an Indian Summer.

It makes me smile when I think of how often I hear people in this part of the world say–I wonder if we are going to have an Indian Summer— Well this is the honest to God truth, the only time I can recall such an occurrence was back in 1959 when I was 14yrs old. October of that year had warm sunny days when the kids were still swimming in the river. However back to the present and heading into October its quite clear that the garden is not all about flowers. Oh! here is some interesting information on the  Indian Summer


The Filipendula Rubra with its bright pink candy floss flowers in July may well look magnificent. Read more “Forget about Autumn Lets have an Indian Summer”