Aster Tongolensis Berggarten

Aster Tongolensis Berggarten, the name of this very fine garden plant doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue.

Aster Tongolensis Berggarten (14)

However, of all the perennials planted in our new garden this past twelve months or so, this one has to be the most eye catching. Read more “Aster Tongolensis Berggarten”

Geranium Jolly Bee

Jolly Bee

 Hardy Geraniums, I love. There are so many to choose from, some with quite short flowering periods, others which claim to flower throughout the Summer.

 There are dwarf ones, tall ones, and hundreds in between, colours in shades of pink,purple, blue, white and even red. Read more “Geranium Jolly Bee”

Viola Riviniana Purpurea

 The Viola Riviniana Purpurea above has been in the garden for some time now.

Last week I highlighted Begonias, not for the faint hearted, today the contrast could not be greater. The Viola Riviniana Purpurea above has been in the garden for some time now. We have no recollection of ever having planted it, just appeared in this most suitable position at the top of the steps in the back garden, we look forward to it flowering every year between late March and May. Riviniana has no similarity to the annual Violas that we see in the garden centres every year, mainly used for Spring bedding. This one is a true perennial.

On some of the milder winters I have found that the leaves remain on the plant up to to a certain extent, not last Winter though, but the growth did start to show in early February. The purple blue flowers are tiny and abundant, also the purple green heart shaped leaves are very attractive, the plant wont blow you away, but it really is very charming. Riviniana Purpurea is at its very best in a woodland setting where it will spread and provide good ground cover.

Special note—previously I had this plant posted under the name of (Viola Odorata) I would like to thank (Carolyn of Carolyns shade garden for information which showed that I was incorrect with this name.

Hardiness – Fully hardy

Position – Full sun/partial shade

Height – 20cm

      Mail Order – Crocus


A couple of weeks ago on a visit to our daughter Audra in Cheshire we had a day out at Tatton Park. Such a beautiful historic estate in the lovely village of Knutsford. about Tatton park It is such an amazing place I thought you may like to see a few of the pictures of the estate. After a great day I realized that we didnt visit the stately home, our seven year old grandson had better ideas.

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