Holly Golden King

Two confused variegated Holly bushes, confused! I’ll explain later on.

We have three of the variegated Holly bushes Golden King, the one above is in the main border of the back garden.  I keep this one well trimmed not allowing it to outgrow this position where it brightens up the border in those dreary Winter days. Read more “Holly Golden King”

Crambe Cordifolia

Crambe Cordifolia. How satisfying is it when a plant which you think may be borderline, and you don’t really expect it to flourish ends up being outstanding.

 Keeping your expectations in check makes the pleasure of success all the more pleasurable.   Crambe Cordifolia was planted in the round garden fifteen months ago. Read more “Crambe Cordifolia”

Brunnera Jack Frost

Several new plants were added to the garden last Autumn. Brunnera Jack Frost is the one I like best.

The plant above, Brunnera Jack Frost, after seeing how it performed in the garden in Spring of this year, just had to be my first choice as favourite. Read more “Brunnera Jack Frost”