Holly Golden King

Two confused variegated Holly bushes, confused! I’ll explain later on.

We have three of the variegated Holly bushes Golden King, the one above is in the main border of the back garden.  I keep this one well trimmed not allowing it to outgrow this position where it brightens up the border in those dreary Winter days. Read more “Holly Golden King”

Sarcococca Hookeriana Var. Humilis

Sarcococca Humilis (Sweet Box) flowering in our Aberdeen garden in February.

(Sarcococca Hookeriana Var. Humilis) is well worthy of consideration for your garden. Well it doesn’t exactly jump out at you but hey any plant which flowers in the month of February has to be a gardeners friend. Read more “Sarcococca Hookeriana Var. Humilis”

Hypericum Inodorum Magical Beauty

Hypericum Inodorum Magical Beauty

Hypericum, its, well lets face it a common shrub which we generally wouldn’t look twice at.

In fact in Australia it is very much regarded as a weed. Of course there are many cultivated varieties which are grown in our gardens. Read more “Hypericum Inodorum Magical Beauty”

Pittosporum Irene Patterson

The main content of my posts is to hopefully give information on plants and shrubs which are fully hardy in the North East of Scotland. I have been gardening for many years in Aberdeen. Often I have been made aware of other amateur gardeners in the area concerned that plants which thrive south of the border may in fact struggle in Aberdeen. In my experience most of them will in fact grow, however they may be at least a full fortnight later in coming in to flower. Of course there are some which grow in the far south of England which simply will not survive here. What you can depend on is, I will give information on how each plant which I list has performed in our garden.

Pittosporum Irene Patterson

We are always on the look out for hardy evergreen plants that are perhaps that little bit different. Read more “Pittosporum Irene Patterson”

Holly JC Van Tol

We all love the Holly bush, however it is extremely frustrating when they don’t form the berries which we have been eagerly awaiting. Try Holly JC Van Tol.

I have planted Holly bushes on a number of occasions, a male and a female form to ensure pollination and hopefully get a bush smothered in berries. Others which I have planted were said to be self pollinating, still never had success. Read more “Holly JC Van Tol”