Clematis Montana Mayleen in our Cheshire Garden

Clematis Montana Mayleen, we had this one in Aberdeen growing up through a Rowan tree in the back garden.

Clematis Montana Mayleen

Performance in our garden 

As you would expect, Clematis Montana Mayleen is thriving in Cheshire, every bit as much as it did in Aberdeen. It is one of those plants which flourish from John o’ groats to lands end, well! perhaps you have had experience which disputes this claim.

Here in our new garden this Clematis at the end of the pathway leading to our back garden appears to have been here for a number of years.

It came into bloom here at the very beginning of May, in Aberdeen it was usually the third week of May before the first blooms opened.

Although we usually have a preference for Clematis that require hard pruning in late Winter, this Montana which is performing extremely well is here to stay. Only thing is, we are placing a small garden shed in front of it, ah well, it will just have to scramble over the shed.

Clematis Montana Mayleen (3)

Plant information  

The highly scented pale dusky pink blooms of Clematis Mayleen will bloom in your garden for a few weeks between late April and mid June. The leaves are a distinct bronze colour.

Clematis Montana is a vigorous, fast grower capable of actually smothering a deciduous tree to such an extent that the host  could well suffer or even die.

Mayleen in my experience was not quite so ruthless and caused no harm to the Rowan tree in our Aberdeen garden which it climbed through, and after eight years still only clung to the lower branches.  This one shown today in our Cheshire garden also appears to be pretty well restrained.

Mayleen carries the RHS award of garden merit and although as I have said, I prefer Clematis which requires hard pruning, Mayleen is here to stay.


Clematis Montana Mayleen (4)

Position and soil type

Mayleen grows best of all in full sun or partial shade, however if you only have a north facing position available, plant it! you will not be disappointed.

Grows well in all soil types which are free draining. Add plenty good quality compost when planting and remember the golden rule with Clematis, plant deep, at least three inches lower than the level the plant was in whilst in its pot. This helps to prevent Clematis wilt and also helps keep the roots cool which they also like, in fact it is often advised as good practise, to place a layer of pebbles around your Clematis as an aid to keeping the roots cool.


Well, I think I have already made it clear that Montana requires no pruning. However a bit of tidying up after flowering may well be necessary, and will cause no harm.   If after a number of years you feel it has got out of control there is no reason why the plant can not be rejuvenated by cutting it back hard.

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Another Montana in our garden is the white form, Montana Grandiflorum. I am also rather fond of this one, growing up a rickety old metal arch which leads to the back garden.

I have actually cut this one back and removed the old arch. The arch will be replaced with a new one and the Clematis will be left to regrow.

The habit of Grandiflorum is the same as Mayleen.  The white blooms of this one are not fragrant, however I expect many will favour it over the pink form.

Clematis Montana Grandiflora Alba


The garden was starting to take shape, however I knew it would get messed up with all the work which the coming extension entailed.

Well in actual fact, its not going to happen. The strain and stress of moving house has left Myra totally drained and we have just decided to upgrade the house without any serious building work involved.

Although, having said that there is a bit of an upheaval at the front of the house.  The garage as it is, is gone and we are having a shower room and cloakroom added. (Cloakroom is posh for bog)

our house

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