Snowdrop Nivalis

The Snowdrops are blooming

Last year the Snowdrops in our garden did not come in to full bloom until the first week of March.  What a difference a year makes, the mild Winter with no sign of snow in the city has the snowdrops blooming in February 16th. Read more “Snowdrop Nivalis”

Aruncus Aethusifolius

Three years ago we came across a short variety of Aruncus named Aethusfolius

Aruncus! previously my first thought would turn to the Aruncus Dioicus (goatsbeard) flowering plant which we had in the garden a few years ago.  Dioicus is a tall plant growing to a height of 6ft with elegant creamy white plumes in June. Read more “Aruncus Aethusifolius”

Saxifraga White Star

Saxifraga White Star is thriving in the dappled shade.

We don’t have a rockery, however a flat area of the woodland garden seems to have become home for a few of these alpine plants. Saxifraga White Star is thriving in the dappled shade. Read more “Saxifraga White Star”

Crambe Maritima and Cordifolia

The Perennial plant Crambe Maritima also known as Sea-kale is commonly found on shingle beaches.

The large bluish-green leaves and the flowering stems which are two feet tall are topped by creamy white honey scented blooms, the structural shape of the plant, especially the leaves, has made it popular with garden designers. Read more “Crambe Maritima and Cordifolia”

Hydrangea Petiolaris

Hydrangea Petiolaris a climbing plant which absolutely thrives in our Aberdeen garden

Most climbing plants require support with trellis or wire,and very often a degree of skill with pruning and training the branches. Read more “Hydrangea Petiolaris”