Hydrangea Petiolaris

Hydrangea Petiolaris a climbing plant which absolutely thrives in our Aberdeen garden

Most climbing plants require support with trellis or wire,and very often a degree of skill with pruning and training the branches. Read more “Hydrangea Petiolaris”

Hamamelis Mollis

Hamamelis Mollis revisited today when at its very best

There are a number of shrubs which flower in late Autumn and also in early Spring. Only two of which flower in the coldest months of January and February in Aberdeen come to mind. The evergreen shrub Sarcococca  flowers in February in our garden. However the most striking one is the Hamamelis  which flowers December/February I wouldn’t be without this one.

Hamamelis Mollis

Many years ago our gardening interest took off. I was given a huge batch of a weekly publication (Garden news) I would read these most evenings absorbing as much information unaware that this was to become for the both of us a lifetime passion. Read more “Hamamelis Mollis”

Holly JC Van Tol

We all love the Holly bush, however it is extremely frustrating when they don’t form the berries which we have been eagerly awaiting. Try Holly JC Van Tol.

I have planted Holly bushes on a number of occasions, a male and a female form to ensure pollination and hopefully get a bush smothered in berries. Others which I have planted were said to be self pollinating, still never had success. Read more “Holly JC Van Tol”

Sorbus Cashmiriana

Sorbus Cashmiriana an extremely ornamental Rowan


If you are looking for an ornamental tree for the small garden this really is one to consider. Sorbus Cashmiriana found growing in the Himalayas, our Scottish climate seems to suit its requirements very well. Read more “Sorbus Cashmiriana”