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Camellia Donation — 11 Comments

  1. That is a beautiful flower. I think it might grow well in the cooler climate of Northern Colorado. I’ll have to give it a try.

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    alistair says
    Definitely worth a try Dagny. Plant where it does not catch early morning sun in Spring.

  2. That looks lovely; I’ve always wanted to try growing a camelia but have been putting it off for fear of all that faffery, moving it inside and outside all the time to prevent it getting a chill. This entry has given me hope!

  3. I don’t think I can grow camelias in my zone either but I have always found them beautiful. The closest flower I can grow that looks something similar to them are the begonias. Donation is a pretty camelia.

  4. We have a couple of camellias – unfortunately I don’t know which varieties they are both of which are loaded with flower each year. Beautiful plants – my sister has one though that has been planted a couple of years and still no flowers or buds for next year even though it had a flower when we bought it!!!

  5. Hi! sorry for the very late reply.

    The flowers are gorgeous, I always like seeing them on some cities down in south Mexico (up in the mountains where is a bit cooler)

    Thank you very much for joining the carnival! It was so great to have so many people from around the world to be part of it.

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