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Lilium golden Splendour — 2 Comments

  1. I have been gardening for only 21 years. I was made redundant in 1990, went to Hadlow and then started as a Sole Trader in Ivydene Horticultural Services in August 1991. I construct, maintain and design private gardens using organic methods. I started the above hobby website as a non-income-generating educational tool for use by the general public. Part of it aims to compare every cultivated/wildflower plant either grown and/or sold in the UK, to give the same kind of information about plants as women’s clothes catalogues give about clothes. You can Google a plant’s name and get information, but where can you compare it – I have over 1000 books on gardening but have found it very difficult to find photos of plants to show clients for the planting design from my books. So now I try to show or link to photos that show the flower, flower distribution, leaf, foliage, overall natural shape, fruit/seeds and in flower beds/landscape in each Plant Description Page.
    I am doing some bulbs at the moment and I was looking for Lilium ‘Golden Splendour’ and saw you Lilium ‘Golden Splendor’. The descriptions are the same from you and from
    J. Parker’s http://www.dutchbulbs.co.uk/plant-0001284-eg-1/lilium-golden-splendour/
    . Do you think they are?

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