Box Blight — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Mat
    Our Box had just been in place for about four years when the blight struck. We were very disappointed as we liked the look which it brought to the back garden. I wasn’t quite too sure about the Yew, however I felt that it was a calculated gamble. Its now three years fully since the Yew was planted and we are delighted with it. I am keeping it at about twelve inches high. Trimming twice per year seems to have tightened it up, the first couple of years it was a bit on the lax side but has now firmed up beautifully. I will be talking about the problem again on my website in four weeks time and will add pictures of our Yew hedge.
    Good luck Alistair.

  2. Hi, I found your post whilst investigating box blight. I’ve got (or rather had) a 3-4 year old parterre that has just succumbed to the dreaded blight. I’m still deciding what to do, whether to try trimming it back or just start again but with yew. How is your yew looking now its had chance to grow? I’ve grown it as pyramids before and know its quite fast growing but how does it suit a short hedge?
    Appreciate your thoughts

  3. Dear Alistair, I am so sorry about the Box blight. I know of many gardens which have been devastated by this disease and its spread seems to be nightmarish once it gets a hold. I think that your choice of Yew is splendid. For me, this is the perfect choice of hedging material and, fed well, it grows quite quickly, contrary to what is usually written. My only word of caution would be for you to ensure that the Yew does not become waterlogged since death, total and absolute, is the result!!