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Hakonechloa Macra Aureola — 16 Comments

  1. Thank you Alistair.
    Quite a few fronds (is that the right term?) have fallen off… just running fingers through the plant does this, so wasn’t sure if cutting was necessary.

    I have bark chippings round the plant.. do I need to be careful with this plant for rot?
    Should I mulch with some compost around these (and the ferns) once or twice a year? What about feeding?

    I guess that because I planted them so late, they were basically nearly dormant already, so was worried they didn’t take and died lol!

    Excellent website. Im glad I found it. Beautiful garden!

    thank you again,

  2. Steve, this is one of my favourite grasses. Its a perennial and is supposed to die back completely in Winter. I always take a large pair of scissors and cut back all the dead foliage in late Winter, do it now. This one is later in showing new growth than some others, my ones which I have had for years still aren’t showing, they soon will be, and what a show they give. Your plants are not dead.

  3. Hi
    I purchased this plant (2litre pot) from Crocus last September. When I planted it, the green was turning brown already, and pretty much has remained looking dead even up until now. Ive been told to look at the bottom of the plant to see if any growth is coming up. The stems around or just under soil level look green. Are my plants ok? Should I or shouldn’t I cut these plants? Ive read some do chop them end of winter, early spring, others don’t. Im worried I spent £100 and all of them are basically lost. The soil is ok, I added lots of compost to help with drainage but not too much seeing I read this is a forest grass, wasn’t sure if it needed to be well drained. Ive planted with ferns. They although still tiny seem to be doing well.

    Im a complete novice, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Just discovered your blog and delighted to find myself in your column!
    Like the way the grasses were grouped together and this took me back to a 2010 post.Your feature of real time followers is very interesting and very active!

    Hakonochloea does not do well for me. I am giving it a try in my cold greenhouse and my potted plant started into new growth in December! I am sorry to say it looks like couch grass at the moment but am hoping that the yellow colour will soon reappear. If not I have had a serious boob!

  5. Hakonechloa macra aureola is a wonderful plant indeed! One of my favourites, a must have I’d say. Looks great in a pot too!

  6. I was just looking through your past posts and you have a wonderful blog. I couldn’t locate a way to become a follower… how does one accomplish that in regard to your blog? Thank you, Larry

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