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Anemone Blanda Blue — 11 Comments

  1. Dear Alistair

    How wonderful to find a fellow Scottish garden blogger – I see you read at nearly all of the blogs that I read at and I can only assume that since I’ve been quiet at Blotanical for a little while that you must have joined up in during my absence.

    I always dread finding a wasps nest – I think part of your old fence probably was used to make that beautiful looking nest. As for your cheery blue anemone’s they are so beautiful – mine are still under the snow here just waiting to break free from our icy conditions.

  2. What a blast of blue for a grey day!

    Our next challenge is to have the shed roof mended. I doubt we will find wasps but mice have eaten the grass seeds.

    Esther Montgomery

  3. Oh your wasp story had me in suspense. I am one that is allergic. Good that you got the fence though, too bad about the sting in the hand. Ouch.

    Your anenomes are very pretty, blue is my favorite.

  4. Dear Alistair – I do love these anenomes and your images make me wonder why I forget to plant more. Must add to my wishlist as a reminder.
    As for the wasps nest, it is a beautiful work of art although the occupants led you a merry dance. Had a similar problem last year with wasps in the woodpile which meant I left off cutting an old Privet.
    Thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll.
    Have a very Happy Christmas and will be back for more of your posts in 2011

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