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Callistemon Subulatus — 8 Comments

  1. Appreciate your expertise Jordan however I can assure you it is very unlikely that Callistemon would survive in Aberdeen. I promise you I would know.

  2. I doubt cool summers would be a problem. It seldom gets above 25C here. Cool summers might cause Callistemon to grow more slowly. But that is a good thing because they can get quite large. I’ve had to prune the Hell out of Callistemon rigidus. Other bottlebrush that have survived -10C in my garden are C pallidus, C sieberi & C viridiflorus. I should think you would have success with any of them. If it gets very cold very quickly there can be damage to the leaves. But that has happened only once or twice over 15 years in my garden.

  3. How cold does it get in Aberdeen. I’ve had Callistemon subulatus in a pot on my patio in Seattle for 15 years. I never take it indoors. The temperature here has been as low as -10C. In fact, I have 5 species of Callistemon that have survived that much freezing.

  4. I’ve never grown these but I’ve seen them in coastal gardens and in California. The fluffy red blooms are gorgeous! I’ve had similar cold-hardiness experiences when I saw people growing oleanders in my area. Some varieties are cold hardy here and others aren’t (and a microclimate helps).