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Rhododendron Taurus — 7 Comments

  1. I bought Rhododendron “Taurus” as a birthday present for my partner . Although our garden is not small , a large Rodo would take over a considerable chunk of it. It was planted in a sunken area covering about 12 sq feet . This was filled with ericaceous compost in which Taurus was planted . That was eighteen years years ago . With occasional minimal pruning it reached about 1.5 metres tall. Right up until last year , each spring we were presented with masses of vivid red flowers which really brightened things up after the winter period. However , last winter finally caught up with it and due to a very long dry period , coupled with very low temperatures for a long time ,Taurus is no longer with us. I can highly recommend Taurus for the medium to large garden .

  2. I’m a big fan of Rhododendrons, with their stunning floral display in the spring and a major feature of Cornish gardens which we love to visit every year.

    Our location is mainly alkaline, and although our garden has got acidic soil, a couple of feet down is chalk so alkaline. I grow some in pots though! I but most of our rhododendrons at Glendoick.

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  4. I love Rhododendrons so I am intrigued with this one with the red buds. It would add some winter interest to the garden.

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