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  1. Carol, pleased to have you on board, hope the move goes well. Acers grow fabulously in pots, check out Acer Disectum, you could go for a red leafed one and a green. Good luck

  2. I live in Dundee at the moment managed to get it looking good now lm moving back to my hometown of Grimsby, will have to start over again. Looking at everything you have done l now know l’m just a newbie to compared to you all! I will be renting a house for a while so my garden for the moment will mostly be grown in pots. I was wondering if there is a dwarf maple l could grow in a pot until I get my own place. I grew some sort of bush about 17yrs ago. I grew it in a pot the leaves changed lovely colours throughout the seasons and in the summer had small red flowers. I loved it but for the life of me I can’t remember it’s name! I hope it’s ok to follow you and find some plants that will give me a garden like yours! ?x

  3. Alistair – you might like to point out to your readers, now you’ve installed CommentLuv, each reader needs to register. Then it will work for them on any blog which has CommentLuv installed. It is a gracious way to thank readers for commenting by linking to their latest post. There is a link just below this comment box.

    We had a paper-bark Commiphora in the last garden. Grew them from seed and had masses. Two Japanese maples still in the first they sleep stage.

  4. Great post! Now I definitely want to add the paperbark Maple to my yard. I saw your comment about having to trim down a Sycamore… We had one die in a small city lot where we lived at one time. It towered above our 2 story home–you can imagine how much it cost to have it removed! Sycamores are great trees, but probably belong in a rural setting 🙂

  5. Wonderfully thorough post on maples… you had me at “hello” with that gorgeous bark photo. I don’t think I’d care if the rest of the tree looked like a bald stick if I had something that pretty standing in the garden (but of course, the rest of the tree is equally stunning).

  6. Beautiful trees! such amazing colors they display. If i ever have the space I would like to add a Atropurpureum to my current japanese maple

  7. Hi Alistair, good post, acers are one of my favourite trees for a small garden. I loved your photo of Acer palmatum atropurpureum, though it made me sad, I lost mine a couple of years ago to disease. griseum is high on my wishlist for any future garden I have.

  8. An excellent post. Although I don’t have space to grow them, I really love Japanese maples. I always wonder the botanical name of the paperbark tree. Thanks and you have lovely photos of lovely trees!

  9. I too love Japanese maples. An extremely wide range of cultivars are available in my area so it is very hard to resist. I just don’t visit nurseries that specialize in Japanese maples any more so I won’t be tempted. One of my first posts on Nov. 10, 2010, was about coral bark maple, Acer p. ‘Sango-kaku’, a true four season plant. You would love it. I really think your photo of the bark of the paperbark is the best I have seen—love that color.

  10. lovely Acers…I have always wanted a paperbark maple and plan to pklant one if I lose one of my mature trees…a couple are in serious trouble…

  11. Dear Alistair, The Acer family is indeed very splendid with a tree or shrub for most situations in most gardens. And I do so love the Acer Griseum which I feel makes a good choice for a small garden and has such a wonderfully tactile bark. Wonderful when placed near to a pathway so that one is able to touch it each time one walks by!

  12. The paperbark maple is a favorite of mine for year round interest, but I really have a soft spot for the Japanese maples. One is my logo for my design business, and I design one in almost all my projects.

  13. Excellent post Alistair… I put many new maples in this past fall and hope they get through the winter… pretty much borderline plants here. One was a six foot Ozakazuki. A friend recommended this as having great fall color, but mine really didn’t color up this past fall. The acer griseums do very well here but are only now becoming more available… I have a row of four which I really love. Larry

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