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Agapanthus in Scotland — 18 Comments

  1. Hi Paula, being on the Moray coast it is milder than Aberdeen, also we are situated in a frost pocket. The Agapanthus just doesn’t flower here if left in the borders. I wouldn’t concern yourself with them being near the hostas, just enjoy.

  2. I have 3 in my garden in Banff, I planted them from bulbs in 2006 when I first tried my hand at gardening. They didnt flower for the first 2 years and then for the last 3 summers have flowered. I didn’t know what they were when i first planted them, although I did know they weren’t ‘weeds’ lol, but hoped that the bulbs would produce something at least. I have left them in the border each year as I had forgotten about them as they are planted 7″ away from a large hosta which produces nearly the same colour flower. It was only after seeing several in a neighbours garden that I realised my mistake and moved them to their own spot away from the hosta. I am hoping that the plants will continue to thrive as before – I must admit they have needed no looking after and I am wondering if being so close to the hosta helped protect them – I honestly don’t know. I am feeling a little guilty after reading how much care they should have received from me.

  3. Montrose must be that bit more sheltered. Agapanthus grow and flower profusely in the border. I also grow them in pots just in case….They’re also a lovely cut flower. I’m amused that our family in NZ dismiss them as weeds!

  4. Hi thanks for your informative and helpful post. I enjoy growing agas in tubs down here in the south of england, i can then roll them out onto the terrace for display. i grow them in the ground as well and cover them with mounds of compost, they survived last year so lets hope they come back next spring. I spent my early years living in elgin so i am interested in what grows well up your way….mike

  5. Beautiful photos—I love agapanthus. Unfortunately, it is zone 6 here, I don’t have a greenhouse, and there’s no sun at Carolyn’s Shade Gardens. It is probably just as well because I would kill it during my nursery season. Thank you for including the link to my plea for Tara. International cards will be especially fun. Carolyn

  6. Thank you! It’s one of my favorites. The plants look like exclamation marks in the garden providing a vertical interest and attracting attention.

  7. They do require exceptionally good drainage Lily. Always flowers best in a container when they become root bound. Your new plant may take a couple of years to settle down.

  8. They do survive here Frances, just don’t flower unless given winter protection and started off in the greenhouse. I have to say though our garden is in a frost pocket.

  9. Around 6 or so years ago it seemed like everyone in my area was going agapanthus crazy! I remember drooling over the specimens sold in the Plant Delights Catalog (located in neighboring North Carolina). I never did get one, though! Thanks for the reminder, I really have to try these out — they’re too pretty for me to care whether or not it is still “fashionable.” 🙂

  10. hello Alistair, this follows my thinking that mainland and east Scotland are very different to the outer Hebrides, here Agapanthus do well outside, I bought some last winter but as they were so small I potted them up they are by the window in my unheated shed now but will be planted out, they were just sold as Agapanthus I didn’t know there are deciduous and evergreen as mine still have some green foliage they might be evergreen I had been thinking it was because they were in the shed with a bit of protection, hardiness is not a great deal of help when you are blasted with strong salt laiden gales so I am now looking at what does grow here, I love the deep rich blue of yours, Frances

  11. Hello Alistair,

    I bought a bareroot Agapanthus last year at a flower show. It was doing well in a container until we had a lot of rain and it rot. I have a small one of unknown variety growing in the basement from a friend. I hope to see it bloom this year.

    You have a nice Agapanthus collection and Bressingham blue is to die for. Love that rich blue color. The last photo is great.

  12. Hi Alistair… I knew a fellow who grew agapanthus in containers here years ago. They got huge and he had lots of room to store them over winter. I have not done well with them but do really like their look! Maybe I should try again as it’s been a very long time… Larry

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