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Alchemilla Mollis — 16 Comments

  1. Its a great plant Rosie, and seeds itself around sometimes too freely for some peoples liking. Dig it up and transplant as many as you wish give it a good soaking.
    regards Alistair.

  2. Hello, I love Lady’s mantle, and my daughter has lots of it in her garden, which my son in-law hates. Is it possible to dig some up to transplant into my garden?

  3. I love how raindrops are held in the leaves like little jewels. We have mollis and the alpine version. The alpine version is very well-behaved and ‘cute’ unlike mollis which would take over wouldn’t it?

  4. Yellow flowers, I wonder if it is because we are flooded with yellow in Spring. Mind you what about some of those gorgeous yellow Roses or Lilies.

  5. I have never been very fond of Lady’s Mantle but many are. The reseeding is what I find to be a bit of a problem, plus like you mentioned, it is a bit common. Your dwarf variety is most interesting. I may have a look.

  6. I love the leaves, but can’t overcome my dislike of yellow flowers. It can change although. It was time when I didn’t like hosta. Now, I can’t get enough of it.

  7. Alistair this is one of my fav plants, I also have Alchemilla ellenbeckii, miniture lady’s mantle, it’s very tiny with red stems, it’s also in a bed that needs serious sorting out and it’s one of the plants that has spread too far, I think it would make a good ground cover plant, Alchemilla Mollis was given to me by a neighbour and has spread well, as I have the room I leave or reposition seedlings, I also have Alchemilla Vulgaris which is a bit smaller than Mollis, I didn’t know there were even more varieties thanks for the info, Frances

  8. Howdy Alistair… I have a few alchemilla’s in the garden… One year many years ago, I found many seedlings and grew them on… I don’t think the parent plant exists any longer. It was the only time I ever found seedlings of this plant which strikes me as odd. Is it spring yet by you?!!! Lots to do before that on this end! Larry

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