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Celmisia Spectabilis — 19 Comments

  1. What a beautiful plant Alistair! I only bought mine last year, also from Kevock, and planted out last summer. It’s slowly bulking up and sailed through despite being covered in snow for two weeks. I can’t wait for it to attain that size and flower 🙂

  2. I shall be keeping an eye for this as last winter I lost 30% of the plants in my West Midands garden, and I think this winter so far will have seen off a few more, so if this celmisia is as hardy as you say it could be a good replacement for those I have lost.

    • Still looking good here, on the coast we do not have quite the severe frost as inland areas. Also I noticed that in the past Celmisia where I did not incorporate a lot of gravel struggled.

  3. Hi Mark. A beautiful plant
    Wonder if you can help where I can buy some Celmisia Spectabilis plant from in the uk ?
    Many thank

    • Hello David, This Celmisia grew so well in our Aberdeen garden. I uplifted it when we moved to Cheshire, actually it performed better in Aberdeen. We now live in Fife, I would be keen to introduce it to our new garden, however, I also am now unable to find it. I think I will settle for another form of celmisia, not sure which one as yet.

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