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  1. Same here Alistair, can’t wait for spring!

    I do love the form and structure of hollies, just a pain tidying up the fallen leaves during summer. Ilex angustifolia is also worth keeping an eye on.

    Ouch! Wishing Myra a speedy recovery!

  2. Oh my. Poor Myra. I wish her a very fast recovery. I love the holly standard. This is a great specimen and hopefully you will have the same performance. The pots holes are so common here. Other places, not so much. When they do a cold patch application, it always seems to crumble away in no time. For all your car’s sake, hope they get it repaired right.

  3. (Alistair – Top right I have a link for RSS feed, and just above the ClustrMap is a link for Posts via Atom. Will either of those do? Or put me in your Google Reader? Unlike you I have not worked out how to add an email subscription option)
    Shingles. Nasty, especially on her face. At least mine was on my stomach. I remember pain so severe I held my breath, nothing in the world but me and my pain. But it did pass quickly. Hope your Myra is already at the past quickly stage!

  4. Your standard hollies are beautiful. I planted four ‘Nellie Stevens’ hollies, a male and three females, a long time ago (I am embarrassed to say how long), and they never produced any berries. I meant to look into it but never had time—I run a nursery. Inspired by Donna at GWGT, I went out to cut big branches to put in a vase for Christmas only to find a few berries on all four trees (that’s how big they are). Asphalt and black top are roughly equivalent to your tarmac, although I believe asphalt is the actual road surface, and black top is the coating.

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