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Lily Tiger Woods — 22 Comments

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  2. Hi Alistair,
    Sorry for not commenting soon. You have lovely oriental lilies there. The color is fantastic!

  3. lilies are one of the plants that seem to do well here on the island they even stand up to the wind, I don’t have TW but do have orientals, I love them and have bought some more to plant soon, Frances,

  4. Thanks for this information Larry. I have been doing some checking and I have found a couple of suppliers in the Uk for Orienpets, named Tree Lilies by Thomson and Morgan and Goliaths by Parkers bulbs. I have ordered some and with my new camera which should be delivered to me soon, I will hopefully get some good photos in the Summer to show you. Thanks for sending the pictures to me they look amazing.

  5. I’ve got some lily bulb shoots already showing through the compost in the containers closest to the house though none of them are tiger woods. It certainly is a nice vibrant shade of pink especially in bud. I’m not a fan of the taller ones as I don’t like having to stake them 3 – 4 feet is what I’m happiest with in the garden though I have a few of the dwarf varieties aswell. I see that Larry has found your blog – he is such an expert on Lilies 🙂 – I drool over his photos.

  6. Hi Alistair… just went to the link that comes when you do a new post… all the comments and responses were above the comment form this time. I suspect the problem was that you hadn’t yet moderated the comments and it’s why nothing showed up before. Orienpets are a cross between orientals and trumpet lilies. People are finding them to be amazingly sturdy here and improving over time versus the orientals which generally diminish for us. They can range in height from 3-4′ to as much as 8′ and my variety Robina easily hit 7′ this year… The colors generally aren’t as soft as the orientals but there are many softer shades with pinks and white as well… check out that link I sent you for some… I do think that many of that company’s own hybrids can be on the expensive side. I’m looking into the links from ‘Suburban gardeners’ blog that she sent me in her comments section for martagons… I really love mature specimens of these that do quite well in shade, but they do take years to develop so I’d best get at it soon if I want to see good results. I don’t know if you’ve seen my orienpets which I’ve posted from time to time… I’ll send a few photos via e-mail. Have a great day, Larry

  7. Yes Larry I checked that link you gave me. That is the very same plant which I have. In Aberdeen it does start off with the distinct stripes, however this one is apparently known for these stripes to almost blend away when the Summer temperatures turn cool.

  8. Naughty, never Yes they are best left undisturbed and you will see them pushing through the ground in April or May for those living in Aberdeen.

  9. Hi Larry
    I always like to hear if there is a problem with my site, its the only way it can be rectified. After say you have made a comment, if you wish to see if there is a reply or perhaps someone else has commented, simply click comments at the bottom of the post. This should open the post again with all the comments at the bottom of that page. This works when I do it, I did notice that the comments link is in very small and faint text. Please get back to me if this doesn’t work and I can check out my settings.

  10. Hi again Alistair… I find the workings of your site a bit confusing as I can’t locate the comments section other than to post a comment. I wanted to check in and see what was being said about the “Tiger Woods” lily…. Maybe it’s me… am I missing something? Larry

  11. Alistair – You are a bit naughty! I lifted out my oriental lily bulbs for the winter. They were like garlic bulbs with loose cloves. Should I have left them in the ground?

  12. Another thought… here in the states, orienpet lilies are referred to sometimes as tree lilies… I have some that have gotten seven feet tall. I looked up ‘Tiger Woods’ on one of my lily sources and it doesn’t look like your lily but is definitely listed as an oriental to 3-4’… here is the link: http://www.thelilygarden.com/pages_lilies/oriental_1.html 2nd photo down I believe.

    I suppose it could be a temperature thing… thoughts? Larry

  13. It certainly is beautiful Alistair. Now here’s something interesting… orientals here deteriorate after about three years rather than improving… I suspect they get the need to be divided, which I don’t always get around to. Orienpets, on the other hand improve tremendously over time for us. My post today is just lots and lots of photos of lilies and hemerocallis from my gardens… I guess it’s true that “great minds do think alike” LOL … Have a great weekend my friend! Larry

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