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Why Blotanical — 24 Comments

  1. I just wanted another blog (my first one was for scuba diving), more for record purposes. I started on my plant collection Dec 2009 and started my plant blog more as a means to document my plants and learn more about them. I joined Blotanical because it seemed like more of a web-ring to help me find other like-minded people. It stunned me just how many gardening blogs there are/were. I really appreciate it for having helped me find so many new friends. We’re a bit different in that I don’t really monitor the stats and picks and was even surprised a few months back when someone congratulated me for being at the top of a list. In my case, if I consider all that every time I post, it would likely detract from the fun of blogging for me. Although, I do admit enjoying receiving comments and picks. Who wouldn’t? 😀

  2. I also had a similar experience with blotanical. I help me a lot to grow my blog, and to get to know so many amazing people around the world. It is quite a nice place for gardening blogs.

  3. Hi Alistair – how easily would our blogs be lost in the black hole of the world wide web were it not for Blotanical but you have increased your traffic because you write good posts as well as taking time to pick posts and leave kind comments. Thank you for that 🙂

  4. Great post Alistair! You deserve three red stars!! I agree with Esther about bringing so many from around the globe together. I have learned things about growing seasons and festivals I never knew before. Good to have connected with you too!

  5. Really glad Blotanical has helped you find new people and up your site traffic Alistair. I confess I still haven’t really got to grips with it as much as I should, particularly as, like you, it has caused more people to visit my blog. Thanks for reminding me that it really is worth working out how to get around it…

  6. Hi Alistair, i laughed at what you said about blogging. I share the same experiences with you. I’ve been blogging with blotanical members for a long time before applying membership for Blotanicals. However, i think the number who visit is still almost the same. To tell you frankly, if i get not many commenters i tend to stop posting, sometimes i comment in a lot of them to experiment if they will return, and they do. Sometimes only those i visit are only the ones who come, hahaha! I think my posts are not that interesting enough, even if they say they are! Sometimes my post i think is interesting, but the visitors are still the same. My regular friends and visitors are just also my constant commenters. So, I really don’t know. Anyway….those photos are so colorful considering they are just in the balcony and in containers. Thank you.

  7. It has been an eye opener Helen, and its great that you meet up like that. Have to check out Jamie and see if he is also looking for an Arctic gardener.

  8. A lovely post for sure and I so enjoyed the color as my gardens are filled with Winter Whites.
    My ancestry is Scottish so I’ll visit you with great interest.

  9. I’m pleased you found Blotanical. I find it very slow at times so I have phases when I hardly ever visit. Even then, I carry on reading the blogs I have found there and which I enjoy. I’d even go so far as to say it contributes to world peace in that it links people of different cultures, who have, in the main different interests and approaches but who have this one thing in common – gardening.

    Esther Montgomery

  10. Your blog traffic increased I think because your site is interesting and fun to visit. Today the gardens are really beautiful and full of color. I love the home in your last photo. I could so see myself living there, even if the entire garden was in containers.

  11. Wonder what Stuart is up to. He promised us changes on Blotanical now he is home …

    Love the Greek blue framed doors and windows in your Penrith picture.

  12. I am so glad I encourage you to join Blotanical – it really is a wonderful way of finding so many other like minded people. It has grown so much since I joined when there was less than a 1000. I find it quite amazing the variety of blogs that are out there from all over the world. Jamie over at Garden Amateur or that might be Amateur Gardener is trying to get a visitor from the Antartic to his blog so he has all the continents. I have met so many interesting people, quite a few now in the flesh including last May Frances from FaireGarden and Gail from Clay & Limestone, Yolanda from Bliss and Ewa from EwaGardens who all travelled from overseas to come to the Malvern Spring show – completely mad but great fun.

  13. Your welcome Larry,as my brother always says its nice to be nice, he recognises that I am the typical dour Scot. Why do you want more snow, is it for protection of the perennials, and I have heard of a frigid woman, but weather (naw)

  14. Haha… I’d forgotten about when you called me Sue. Glad you reminded me though because I still think it is funny. 🙂

    I absolutely agree about Blotanical. Such a great way to find fun blogs to read and to get to know the writers.

  15. Thanks for the “heads up'” on your recent post Alistair! I linked to your overall garden photos yesterday as I love the expert way you use reds with silvers and grays in your gardens… I know it’s brought you a couple visits at least and I hope it spurs even more interest in your excellent posts! Cold and windy here in Wisconsin today… possible big snow coming next week which I’m hoping for as we lost much cover last week because of warm temps. There is rumor of frigid weather in a week or so with highs around 0 degrees fahrenheit… since I am always challenging the hardiness limits on plantings, I’m hoping this is just a nasty rumor!! Well it’s off to the lumber company as I have some furniture projects I need to get at… take care, Larry

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