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Climbing Rose Compassion — 27 Comments

  1. Ah Linda, The post you were on was published several years ago when we lived in Aberdeen. Why we left such a place is down to my foolishness and not Myras. However we are now back in Scotland and have a lovely home, not a garden like we had in Aberdeen though. Make the most of your Roses, sounds like you do pretty well in such a Northerly situation. Are you just having a rest from your blogging activities?

  2. OMG your Roses are stunning! Heaven for me is a garden where Roses flourish, sadly mine don’t unless they’re in the polytunnel beds and then they start flowering as early as March.
    I have one huge shrub Rose with perfect white flowers on it that looks amazing but alwaya manages to flower as we have torrential rain and then the flowers rot overnight. I’ve considered pulling it as it happens every single year but those few days of flowers are worth it lol.
    I have compassion too, THE most amazing scent ever (closely followed by Nostalgia IMO) but it doesn’t fare well. It’s south/west facing and looked great the first year but seems to flounder now and it’s not even old.
    Still I can wander round your virtual garden and look at your amazing Roses and flowers and believe that this year will be the year when they grow for me 🙂

  3. Thank you Janet, I see that you have a system in operation where people who comment on your posts get notification if you happen to reply, very interesting.

  4. You have some lovely roses Alistair. I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to roses, and planted my first climber (Mme Alfred Carriere) last year. Catching up with your post reminds me that I need to get my book out and prune it.

  5. Strangely enough Laura in Winter the City of Aberdeen is not that much colder than London is in the Winter. The countryside areas inland are indeed colder. However Aberdeen in Summer is decidedly cooler than London. In spite of this Aberdeen used to be called the City of Roses and has indeed won the Britain in bloom title more often than any other city in the UK.

  6. Roses certainly love your garden Alistair – as your garden view image shows. And I thought Aberdeen must be bleak and cold. Such an array of roses but personally have a passion for the untidier, petite flowered Ramblers. Rather think I love Laura Anne too so might just have to come and dig one out of your front garden if it’s no longer available!

  7. hello Alistair, what a lovely post..I am rather fond of Compassion despite its failings, if it gets too sickly I have cut it down to the ground and it has regrown even stronger and healthier…for a pergola I would heartily recommend a Ghislaine de Feligonde…lovely photos…

  8. b-a-g, thats you and Edith who have a preference for the one which I no longer have. I planted the new red variety of new dawn a few weeks ago, hope it does well,will always be pleased to help, I am not an expert, but have had many years experience.

  9. Hi Alistair, you definitely have very beautiful rose varieties and your garden is envious. May i know how you maintain your garden without pests and diseases? I wonder if these garden enemies are not as virulent in the temperate zone than in our hot tropics.

  10. You really have a wonderful collection of roses. I so loved the image of your circle garden. This really is a special place, a secret garden of color and bloom.

  11. I am so very happy to meet another rosarian from so very far away. I garden in California and love roses too. You are right, Compassion is one of the best climbers with plentiful foliage (which is not a given, at least here), and an abudance of blooms.

    Your rose garden looks amazing, I wish I could visit in person.

    Remember Me has very unusual color, and it is the only rose I am not familiar with in your post. I enjoyed seeing a new one very much.

  12. Hi Alistair ,
    Thanks for the roses. If I was forced to pick a favourite it would be New Dawn.
    My roses are in a sorry state – will probably need your advice in the summer.

  13. Oh Alistair I would just love to nestle my nose into those blooms and such an appropriate subject for today. I have Rapsody in Blue and New Dawn in my garden though New Dawn has been struggling due to the neighbours tree now getting so big – I think I might need to invest in a rambler to go up it.

  14. Stunning roses. I just love their beauty and fragrance. I have many climber starters and hope they grow bigger this year. I also have many roses planted in memory of loved ones but none as stunning as yours. They do take time to care for and I have to go with those that don’t like the Knock Out varieties…may consider a few others from the ones shown here…

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