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Astrantia Maxima — 22 Comments

  1. I love Astrantias and have several in my cottage gardens…they are fairly new so I hope they grow in more this year…they have not been easy to establish but so worth it..I know what you mean about repeating yourself…I sometimes fear I have done that but then I think well it must be an important message to have to repeat it

  2. I too have Astrantias but they do not do as well as they should. Maybe this year they will perform better since it will be the third year for them. Maybe Donna is right, it is your much more agreeable climate.

  3. Stunning! Your back garden is stunning! Lush, layered look! I will return to this image to get ideas for my own garden. Can I? Astrania is pretty and absolutely new for me.

  4. Hi Alistair, Why do you keep showing such beautiful flowers that I have never set eyes on? I’m quite sure Full Sun means full sun where you stay, not in the tropics. In the local language, Maxima means Maximum. So yes, the Maxima has Maximum ‘strikingness’.

    I’m glad you showed your back garden. I’ve never seen it before. Good stuff need to be repeated.

    • Thanks One, if you wish, take a look at my site and open up the link (Our Aberdeen Garden) on the top r/h of the page you can see pictures of our garden in Summer.

  5. From what I can see, bigger is not always better in the world of astrantias. Major is my favourite too. I thought about filling my garden with perennials at first, but after experimenting with annuals last year, I think I would miss going through the germination process in spring.

    • It is so true b-a-g, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your gardening journey will probably lead you in time where you will have a preference for perennials but will find that you can always manage to squeeze in annuals also.

  6. Your garden view is so well designed – love the tiered layered effect which gives a 3-d effect as well as providing interest all the year. Astrantias have been on my wishlist for so long but I fear my soil is rather too dry. And I don’t care if you do repeat yourself – it’s worth hearing again 😉

  7. I love Astrantias, particularly Astrantia major – I prefer the leaves. I was thrilled to see all the clumps I divided and re-planted last year popping up in their new homes. Finding ways to make a garden interesting all year round, particularly in a small space, is the Holy Grail. A lifelong journey. I think your topiary is great for that, and you make wonderful use of layers of height too.

    • Hi Janet, The popularity of Major makes me think that most people would prefer this one. Gardening in itself is a lifelong journey, which pleases most gardeners. I have been interested in your opinion on scraping. I haven’t really felt that this was something that would affect me and I wasn’t too sure what to do with your html in spite of how clearly you put it. I did go to the wordpress plug in centre and I have activated, (copyrightedpost) I will see if it does the job on my next post, you can perhaps let me know if it looks like the correct thing. Thanks for today’s visit.

  8. I’ve grown astrantias both in Orkney and further south on the east coast. They are such accommodating beautiful plants. I think Astrantia major “Shaggy” (bred by the great Majorie Fish) is my favourite

    • Hello Janet, Shaggy, yes I have seen this one. I think I will keep my eye open this season and maybe add it to my collection. Aberdeen and Montrose can be cold but Orkney, brrr

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