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Buddleja Silver Anniversary Morning Mist — 18 Comments

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  2. Hi there thanks for the interesting write up on this plant we bought it (or we think it is this one as we have lost the label) and planted it in a sunny position in our hampshire garden, my husband is convinced it shouldnt be pruned but it is very straggly and has dead leaves at the base of the plant so am hoping that it is this and that I can prune it in the spring. I feel like I want to photo it and let you see it.

  3. hi alastair, i realize i have mistyped words in the above comment. it’s because i only have use of one hand at the moment. for foll read fill and i recently BOUGHT the 2 plants. cheers, cm

  4. dear alistair, excited to read this post. i recently 2 silver anniversary buddleias in a corner that i was trying to foll for years. now i can’t wait till they grow big. cheers, catmint

  5. They do get a poor press Edith, I have found that time brings fondness to some plants which don’t instantly appeal. I shall have to check out the ones which you mention.

  6. Dear Alistair, I often think that Buddleja get such a poor press as people only think of them as growing wild on railway embankments or the like. I love the varieties you show here and have always been fond of Buddleja ‘Dartmoor’ [a wonderful colour but too large for my garden] and Buddleja alternifolia [such a graceful habit, but, again, rather large for my garden]. Oh, for the space to grow an army of them!

  7. I too have not been familiar with Silver Anniversary. I like that it is a dwarf plant. I will be looking for Morning Mist.

  8. I’m very familiar with Black Knight, but have never seen Morning Mist. You would think a dwarf buddeleia would be a big hit!

  9. Yes Donna, the Buddlejas are a garden worthy plant, some of the experts here tell us that clay soil is not such a bad thing when managed. Mind you I have never had to manage it.

  10. I absolutely love Buddleja and have many kinds but not Silver anniversary…I think it is fairly new here…although not a Native plant, the pollinators love these plants…sometime in April will be the time I hard prune …I have a whole grouping of these (5) of different colors on the side of my house and then I have others interspersed around the back gardens…they don’t like to be too wet but once established they can take moisture as long as they dry quickly and have sun…mine are in nasty clay soil and they seem content…

  11. No wonder you love these Buddleja, the foliage are very attractive especially for the Morning Mist and the blooms are so lovely as in the Black Knight and Lochinch.

  12. I guess I should make it clearer, it was first introduced under the name of Silver Anniversary. It has undergone a name change to Morning Mist.

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