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Clematis Viticella Etoille Violette — 11 Comments

  1. b-a-g, I have grown so many plants from seed over the years, but never Clematis, I think you may have to wait until you reach my age before you reap the rewards, well maybe that is an exaggeration.

  2. Yes Janet that is the Aberdeen south road, but when people are coming from the south they are indeed travelling north. I confuse myself sometimes.

  3. I have several alpina and an armandii which we couldn’t grown in Orkney. It’s growing like the clappers.
    I recognise that road with the lovely crocuses as the one going north into Aberdeen. We use it often…

  4. Alistair – I think my mother’s dark purple clematis is the same as yours but not so abundant, it’s a single vine trailing along a wire on a fence. I have tried to germinate some of the seeds so I can grow it in my own garden, but there are no signs of life so far. I dried the seeds and broke off the feathery bit before planting. Have you ever tried growing it from seed ?

    My crocuses in the lawn keep falling over, I’m tempted to mow the lot. Your crocus photos, on the other hand, are stunning.

  5. Hey Alistair… Great post! First off I totally agree… viticellas are the way to go with clematis… there can be so many problems with the large flowered ones. And those croci… this is something I’ve always wanted to do and your photos are absolutely inspiring! We are headed for the 40’s later in the week… 2nd shot at spring I guess! I’m off to make hyper-tuffa containers in the greenhouse today… had been procrastinating as I didn’t want the mess in the basement… then I realized the greenhouse is very warm with all the wonderful sunlight we’ve been having… no excuses now… Larry

  6. I love clematis and will think about these to try…I always have a space for another and with your wonderful recommendation how can I go wrong….I tell people if their clematis is not growing or flowering they probably don’t have it buried deep enough…those crocus across the lawns are stunning too…

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