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Daffodil Jetfire — 24 Comments

  1. Hi Alistair, thank you so much for well, for one thing not laughing, and two for explaining that I had been led up the garden path on that myth. This autumn I shall most definitely be planting daffs, I am off home on Friday – well if the choppers are running due to the last gear box incident and on the way home pick up a big bag of bulbs and get planting.

    I shall eventually start my blog, but I must get home first to collect all the photographic evidence of the garden’s and my exploits. I shall keep you up to date never fear as I shall probably use the daffodil situation on the page, what a daft silly person I have been deprived of daffs for over 6 years now – the term guilible springs to mind. After reading this back there seems to be more than one pun in this reply but they are unintended I seem to have a natural ability or perhaps affliction for puns lol.

    Once again thank you Paula

  2. Hi Paula, there is no truth in this, otherwise our garden would be barren.If you are able you should just leave your Daffs in situation and they will come up every Spring, you have to leave the foliage to die back naturally, it can look a bit messy for a while. If you decide to get going with your blog remember to tell me as I would hate to miss it.

  3. After reading b-a-g’s post on daffodils I went back and looked at the photo of the flowers and had a wee smile to myself as they do look as if they are sneezing hehehe. Quite charming really

  4. HI Alistair,
    I used to have daffodils in my garden until I was told that once the daffs are over I wouldnt be able to plant any other type of plants where they had been as they were poisonous to other plants and contaminate the soil. I replaced the soil and since then I have not had daffs in my garden as I dont have that much space to play with. I am rather disappointed as I think that Daffs really light up the garden in the spring. Could you please clafify this for me? Sorry if it seems a daft question.


  5. I hae tried thir comely wee Jetfires for the first time this year in my coastal gairden in Ayrshire. Previously my tall yins had blawn ower just as the buds were stertin’ tae burst an’ the doobles were the worst o’ a’. Sae faur – fingers crossed – Jetfire is staunin’ prood, though in a’ honesty it hasnae really faced a teugh test yet.

  6. Hi b-a-g, that is diplomatic enough for me, it is only natural that we don’t all like the same things. I still think that in time as a gardener you may be surprised at how you start to like those plants which formerly you were not so fond of. The woodmouse is hard not to like.

  7. Alistair, I’m not sure how to put this diplomatically … but I’m not a fan of daffodils even though I have some in my garden, they look to me as though they’re having a big sneeze . On the other hand, I love your woodmouse.

  8. like other commenters I think the mouse steels the show though I have no idea what it is except to say it deffinately isn’t a Harvest mouse as those I’ve seen, Frances

  9. Thanks Jordan for your further information on Jetfire and may I suggest to the visitors of my site, please take a look at metropolitongardens.com

  10. I’ve often seen Narcissus ‘Jetfire’ mentioned. I really love any that are derived from N cyclamineus. I find the reflexed petals very charming. They give the impression of striving. I have trouble remaining motivated during the lag between the time of bloom & the time to order bulbs in the fall. But I will definitely try to keep N ‘Jetfire’ in mind. Thanks for commenting on my Narcissus post.

  11. I love your daffs. This year will be my first attempt at planting bulbs in my garden so I’m absorbing everything I can about it. Its very new and exciting for me. I’m going “bulb shopping” this Friday and Daffodils are top of my list.

  12. Hi Esther, our taller ones will be a few weeks before they are in flower, in fact some of them are usually still in full bloom come May.

  13. Hi Donna, we have a number of Daffs but jetfire is the only one which we can name. Bees took residence in one of our bird boxes last year.

  14. You have a good capture of a mouse although you didn’t get the birds. My dogs would have captured the mouse too, if they were around. 🙂

  15. what a lovely daff..I have a bigger version of this in color scheme…don’t recall the name but love the combo of colors….and the mouse is adorable…while cleaning birdhouses this fall we found a mouse who had taken up residence…I am not sure who was more suprised, the mouse or my hyusband…

  16. I’m not a mouse expert so I don’t know what kind it is but, for all the wonderful skills of garden photographers – I’m more a mouse-photo-enjoyer than a bird one.

    I have lots of little daffodils out at present and a few taller ones. Few of my taller ones have come up . . . I hope I should add ‘yet’ here rather than a full stop!


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