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Photinia Fraseri Little Red Robin — 16 Comments

  1. I suppose we have to admit that things are tough at the moment Carolyn, they are probably hoping that some entrepreneur will step in to save the day.

  2. I found your blog while blog surphing. I will be travelling to Scotland in 2 months, my first overseas trip. We are spending 2 days in Aberdeen for family history research. Wintergarden looks like a nice place to visit if we happen to encounter a rainy day. Thanks for the pictures.

  3. It’s such a reliable plant Alistair, and I love the spring flush!

    And impressive succulent collection too at Duthie Park, the giant Euphorbias look great!

  4. I don’t care for photinias, but I think I would like the dwarf kind. Didn’t realize they existed. I’ll have to start looking for one. Love it as a standard! That frog is so cute – I bet they get a lot of money from the children throwing coins in at it!

  5. Alistair – The Red Robin (with your signature pruning?) is spectacular . The Winter Gardens remind me of Kew (my favourite day-out in London).

  6. what a beautiful garden to have so close…the cactus garden reminds me of the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, AZ…I think I would spend so much time there…

  7. Oh. I have a dwarf red robin. Unfortunately not a standard . . . where has it gone? Unfortunately not existing. Dead. Gone. Planted last year. Short life. (Suspect the ground not deep enough.) The one in the photo is an inspiration.

    I can see greenhouses won’t be a council’s priority at present but these winter gardens look wonderful. I can smell the atmosphere through the photos. I hope they can be preserved.


  8. That was a very nice gift by Miss Elizabeth. So nice of you to take us along. I see how that frog would amuse he kids, it is rather cute.

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