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Auricula Old Irish Blue — 24 Comments

  1. Hi I have a lot of auricula plants all different shades but one sticks out from the others it is almost black petals with creamy white centre can you tell me if this is a named variety or a cross breed . Regards Rob

  2. Those flowers look amazing! I wish I could grow them in my balcony, but I am afraid they will not survive the strong wind and those times when I go away. The lake looks beautiful too

  3. Hello Rosie,
    We planted these Muscari about five years ago, If anything it seems to get stronger each year. Unfortunately I didnt take note of the name, if I ever spot what I think is the variety I will get in touch. The Auriculas are quite a recent introduction for us, I just felt they would be safer in pots, but I suspect they would do well enough planted in the borders.

  4. You should see my neighbours auriculas – talk about being prolific here in Perthshire in the ground all winter here exposed to all sorts of conditions. Mine are called Bradford City and they are reddish colour of bloom while I grew up with your variety everywhere in our garden. I was never done taking little pieces off the main plant as a child and planting them………..

    Our daffodils are about finished here now but aren’t those blue skies just wonderful that we’ve been getting recently.

    Alistair see that muscari that you have in your garden do you know the name of that variety. I have the very common ones but I’ve seen ones like that growing wild around here though I think yours might have a bigger head of flowers than those and that’s a type I would like to introduce to my garden……… never mind take some photos of.

  5. Hi Masha, there are a number of plants that would be expected to do well in our part of Scotland but don’t. Seems like it is nothing to do with Winter in fact we are mild in comparison to many parts of the US. The problem lies in Summer, generally it is rather cool with the average temperature working out at 62f in July/Aug. We do get better spells of course but also spells when it falls to 56f during the day.

  6. I have not see Auricula before, thanks for showing! I learn so much from your blog. That daffodil meadow by the river is wonderful, I wish I could walk along…

    Why do Austins not do well for you? Is it too cold? They do well in the Northern US, I have heard reports from USDA Zone 5 and even Zone 4.

  7. Tis all looking very beautiful Alistair, and that blue sky above the Ribes!

  8. Yes Janet, even here in Aberdeen the weather for us has been exceptional, hope we still get a reasonable Summer, we had a fair amount of rain last night. Just spotted our Alstroemerias pushing through the ground, I thought after such a hard Winter we may have lost them.

  9. Your garden is blooming gorgeously…beautiful auricula …I was not familiar with these…and those daffs along the river are stunning…

  10. That river of daffodils along the banks of the Dee is stunning! Good to hear you have had some of the wonderful – if untimely – weather. I find I am now longing for rain, the pond needs re-filling and the water butts are nearly empty… Its April, not August!

  11. Hi Larry, I hope your weather becomes more settled soon. I always enjoy my visits to your site, manage once per week without fail. Hope the shoulder pain has eased up.

  12. Hi Alistair… those daffodils are amazing!! I also really love primulas of all kinds… excellent post today! If you have been checking in on my blog at all, you know that this has been a very discouraging spring so far… such strange weather but I’m feeling fairly positive that things will turn around soon. Yesterday my conifer order came in and 17 of 40 plants were missing because of winter damage in the northwest, so it’s not just us experiencing problems by any means. We anticipate better weather and hopefully we’ll get it! Larry

  13. I love all those blue blooms, its my favourite colour. The photo of the beautiful swan reminded me of the Ugly Duckling…the scene looked so serene with the swan and the ducks enjoying their leisurely time there! Such a lovely place with those daffodils, so near your home!

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