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Ceratostigma Willmottianum — 24 Comments

  1. Lost your ribes Rosie that is a pity, they are generally so hardy , I also get mixed up at times with the Epimediums and the Erythroniums, the Lilac one which is on my post is an Erythronium. We also like the Trilliums, the Grandiflorum is in full bloom at the moment, we also have a red one and a white double which I will show when they come in to flower. Thanks for the visit, I always appreciate your comments.

  2. You’re right about that Ceratostigma – so slow here and by the time it flowers it’s nearly winter! Oh just look at your icicle Ribes – mine is getting dug out today as it died over the winter and my 8 foot Mahonia got chopped down last weekend as the last 2 winters have now just about killed it. I love that pink epimedium……….. I must look out for that as I have little room in my garden now except for choice plants like those and trilliums……….. I would like some of those! have you any Alistair?

  3. Your Erythronium looks very nice, similar to E dens-canis. I’d say that E oregonum is nicer than E ‘Pagoda’, which is more commonly offered in Seattle, too. I’d send you some bulbs, if I thought it were legal.

  4. Fantastic spring shots Alistair, lovely to see what’s in bloom in your garden!

    Mahonias are such underrated plants. Maybe because it is widely available here but they do perform well and are very reliable, not to mention good looking plants!

  5. Funny, when I saw your first picture, I thought, like you, that I have to have it:). I am glad it is doing well for you after all the trouble you have taken.

    You have so many beautiful plants in your garden. Your woodland area looks wonderful, thank you for showing all the beauty.

  6. You have some beautiful things happening in your garden right now Alisatair! I love the dark stems on the Ceratostigma, wonderful contrast to the flowers. My mahonia is a winter flowering one, but if I had room I would add one like yours in too, so wonderfully architectural and the flowers are beautiful. Great photo too! BTW, I keep losing my email subscription to your blog – one of the reasons I’ve not been by in a while, as it isn’t on my google list as a “no email subscription” blog… Am going to try again, I seem to have missed lots of interesting stuff…

  7. I rarely note the names of the daffs and tulips either…I plant them for their color and early beauty so to me it does not matter their name…love the shrub and the blue flower is gorgeous….

  8. Pretty images, and I am really taken with your blue shrub! “Once seen you just must have” – Bingo! I’m really going through a ‘blue’ stage this year in my garden! Thanks for highlighting this plant.

  9. Hi b-a-g, pity about your Hellebores. If you are ever looking for advice Carolyn at carolynsshadegarden is an expert on Hellebores.

  10. Hi Larry glad to see Spring has arrived in Wisconsin. Tornado! batten down the hatches and don’t over do it with that shoulder of yours.

  11. You have so many beautiful blooms in your garden. I love that cobalt blue flowers of Ceratostigma Willmottianum…thats a mouthful!

  12. So many lovely plants, most of which probably aren’t hardy here… great pictures you’ve shared! Spring has finally hit here and 80 degrees this p.m. with threats of severe weather including possible hail and tornado risks, followed by 60 degrees for the next week. Spent about eight hours gardening yesterday and loved every moment although my shoulder doesn’t necessarily agree! Larry

  13. Hi Alistair

    As always your garden is an inspiration to me – I have to comment on your Tulips in the tub – absolutely beautiful and it helped me decide on where I’m putting my tulip bulbs next month! Your Daffodil Jetfire look gorgeous with the Alchemilla Mollis and your Hellebores – wellthey are just lovely! What a joy it is to “explore” your garden, albeit it digitally :). Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Thanks Alistair :
    (1) I was looking for blue flowering plants.
    (2) White icicles, I like the plant and the name. Looks like you have pink icicles too.
    (3) Stunning lilac colour.
    (4) People take heather for granted, but I think they are really beautiful
    , especially close-up.
    (5) I’ve got a Mahonia too, but I didn’t know it’s name until today.
    (6) My hellebores are dying away now, good to see yours are still perky.
    (7) You would never think orange and pink would go together, but it suits your polyanthus.
    (8) Good idea to put tulips in tubs, saves you digging them up by accident in the borders.
    Sorry – I didn’t mention the daffodils ….

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