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Phormium Firebird — 26 Comments

  1. Thank you for your comment Alistair, I agree we definately need more photos in the catalogue, sadly in the mayhem of spring at the nursery it is low down the ‘to do’ list, hopefully will get done soon though, it looks like it will be a good year for taking photographs. I love your Auricula Old Irish Blue, we have our Auricula theatre up just now and they are looking particulary gorgeous this year dont you think?
    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs – Cat

  2. I enjoyed all the pictures of your lovely garden – so many different spaces, each well designed and maintained. It was a pleasure to see – thanks for the tour!

  3. Great Pics, Alistair. Good to see Scotland getting it’s fair share of the good weather. It’s a shame to hear about your Phormieum though. I’ve just ordered some Japanese Blood Grass (Imperata) Red Baron, from Suttons and I’m really hoping it’s going to give me the clour in the autumn it boasts. I’m not sure how hardy it is and as I’m on the South it will be avery different climate in my little garden, but I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed we don’t get a late frost!

  4. I love the landscape of your garden including those cozy spots. All very well planned. I see that you also have a greenhouse and a pond too. It’s so complete and beautiful.

  5. Your firebird was gorgeous! And your surrounding plantings really set it off perfectly. I can see why you want another. I loved seeing all the little hidden areas of your garden. The pond is beautiful (glad you got Mary’s head back on). Love the standards in the back garden! Oh, that’s something I’ve got to incorporate in my garden!

  6. Sad to hear that this stunner did not make it…but seeing all your beautiful gardens was heart warming…such beauty and I can’t wait to see more of them…love garden fairies and the last picture caught my eye especially…

  7. Alistair, It is so fun to see all your gardens. My favorites: the secret garden, the hideaway, and the “wee” pond garden, all so intimate and ancient looking. You didn’t have to stick Mary’s head back on just because I revealed your Scottish flair for beheading. I thought she was quite charming in her headless state. Carolyn

  8. Alistair – The firebird is bold and beautiful. Everytime I think I have pictured your garden in my head, you post more photos with new dimensions. I agree with the others, I like the way it is divided up into private and open spaces. Does Myra know about your secret garden ?

  9. Alistair thanks for showing long shots of your garden I really do appreciate seeing plants in more context, I sorry you lost your phormium, I bought a red one from a stool in the producers market in Stornoway a couple of years ago and the leaves wer torn to sheds this winter, I’ve cut them down to a few inches and am hoping it will throw new ones this year, if it does I am going to move it early autumn to a more sheltered position, it’s near a large green New Zealand flax but is clearly not as hardy as the green one which is as tough as old boots,
    I love your pond, Myra’s fairies and all the seats from which to enjoy your garden,

  10. Hi Alsitair, haven’t read what everyone else has said so far but you’re not on your own when it comes to losing Phormiums, nearly the entire country lost their with the exceptionally cold December we just had, same fate with Cordylines commonly found here down south. Well worth trying again I think 🙂

    • Thanks guys, yes I was recently banging on about how Cordylines at one time would never survive in Aberdeen. Of course this past Winter has killed most of them off, except for those near the city centre.

  11. This is a great time of year to show the layout of a garden, when the plants are just emerging and do not obstruct the view. I especially like your round garden and the pond- there is just something so pleasing about both these areas of your garden. I am glad Mary has got her head back on- poor thing to be decapitated like that.
    P.S. the Aurilcula is just gorgeous!!

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